Actively Healing in Recovery

Written By: Katherine Polychron TLR Coaching Affiliate

Are you feeling anxious in your recovery? Do you feel like you are constantly at war with your cravings or significant urges? The anxiety you feel is normal! Similar to cleaning a wound- which stings at first- and often more than the cause of the wound itself, is the pain and discomfort you are feeling during the early stages of recovery. While both are painful, the pain in each circumstance is a sign you are on the road to healing!


These uncomfortable feelings will slowly be defeated by your perseverance as you engage in mindfulness and “active healing.” Active healing is the process by which you are actively choosing your recovery, despite the pain and urges your addictions are creating. The demons in control of your addictions are dying a slow death, and their last fight is to try and make you agonize over choosing YOU instead of them. Keep fighting!

There are many things you can do to get through these uncomfortable periods of time, which do eventually pass. Do you enjoy drawing or reading? No better time than now to engage in activities you love. Are you physically and mentally exhausted? When used properly, naps can be a great tool to get through a chunk of time. Do you enjoy walking or being out in nature? Tie up your laces or even go for a drive! Oftentimes calling a friend or family member can shift your focus, and you can move beyond your immediate discomfort.

You can do this! There is sunshine waiting for you each day! As your active healing fades into everyday maintenance, your demons’ cries will fade away too. Healing is possible, and so incredibly worth it. I am here to help guide you through this process and find the joy in each moment. Schedule time with me HERE.

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