Discover what you need mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually, socially, spiritually to experience living the way you desire! Let’s face it… The bad habits that exist in our lives are detrimental to our health in all these areas AND it is just not possible to do what needs to be done on your own and know that you are not alone at the same time!

Here are the top outcomes TLR clients are sharing:

Self Acceptance, Personal Acknowledgement, Celebrating My Wins, Living in the moment, Slowing Down, and Staying Present, I feel seen, heard, accepted, confident, and valued. I know I am valid. I have Clarity. I am Resilient. I make intuitive decisions. I am grateful for my Recovery Journey.

Addictions, Negative Attachments, and Habits that hold us hostage are all seated in a pressure to perform and a reliance on something outside of ourselves to provide peace, joy, comfort, relief, value, validity, and worthiness.

Are you ready to experience...

  • A purposeful focus on Life and Recovery needs, how to cultivate them, and how to maintain them.

    • We will dive into everything necessary to gain understanding and insight into what you need to repair.

  • A purposeful focus on whole health, how to cultivate it, and how to maintain it.

    • ​We will dive into nutrition, fitness, and solidify your complete life balance.

  • Specific focus on conditioning and the integration of Life Skills.

    • Within family systems, relationships, social circles, and working environments.


Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching,

is here to guide you in achieving all your addiction recovery goals, finding your voice, and improving your life!

Hey there! I'm Tricia Parido. 

As a Master Addictions Specialist who has walked every corner of Recovery personally and professionally, I have combined my journey with trauma, addictions, eating disorders, negative attachments, and habits that spanned over 30 years of my life with my 25+ year recovery journey and in-depth degree studies to create an intimate interactive online outpatient addiction recovery experience designed to be focused on life going forward, transforming emotional intelligence, expanding consciousness, and generating a healthy lifestyle for any recovery journey without creating overwhelm.

My passion is to make life better for people seeking life recovery coaching, equipping them with the right Recovery Life Skills, and helping them set the right goals and aspirations, so they can live life and live it freely in one amazing personal journey!

People often believe that TLR's programs are weighted primarily in the "lessons" and in a sense, they are as this is how we have a "touchpoint" every day - an intention to focus on - a tactic to engage.

It is however the personal connection that I make with each client and the active Recovery Coach role in direct communication that makes it so life-changing!

Visit the "Work With Us" page to view our proven to be effective programs and services.

Then book your "Discover My Right Fit Consultation" so we can customize it Just For You!


Our clients are women and men who find themselves experiencing:

  • The transition to life after addiction treatment space

  • Chemical addiction not suited for inpatient treatment

  • Codependency and attachment issues

  • Battles with food addiction

  • Fights with impulse control

  • Low self-esteem

  • Isolation due to anxiety or depression

  • Struggles with behavioral issues

  • Lacking life skills

  • Difficulty finding motivation

  • A sedentary (non-active) life

  • The need to develop boundaries

  • Barriers in relationships

  • Or are simply feeling stuck

Hopefully, this information is helpful and conversation sparking because I would love to hear what resonates for you.

As a business owner, a woman who holds familial needs in high regard, and has deep intellectual needs I certainly understand how difficult it can be to maintain a lifestyle that truly feels balanced, rewarding, and complete.

TLR’s truly unique life-skill building programs teach you how to regulate your emotions, develop distress tolerance, improve your communication, and decrease relationship conflict.


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