Objective = Overcome! Now What?

Updated: Aug 19

Tricia Parido April 2022

Tricia, our creator, sitting in her office making note or journaling.

I think we could all agree that the main objective is to overcome.

Overcome the hold food, sugar, alcohol, drugs, prescriptions, shopping, people-pleasing, and yes even work (you know who you are… always on and never off) have on us!

Am I right?

So really the aspiration is for control.

This means there must be balance. Yet even then you must understand that balance is so much more than the way we teeter between work and home life and give attention our to health! This is a multi-faceted topic! One most often filled with uncertainty and the pressure of comparison!

True life balance needs to be defined. It requires an esteem shift. Affords for the creation of new opportunities for fulfillment. Allows visions to be expressed. And is always actionable.

I’m big on refining, restructuring, and reframing because rarely can we go directly to the outcome. There is some digging to do. Seriously, we must find the why!

  • Why am I this way?

  • Why can’t I stop?

  • How did I get here?

  • What prompted the issue?

  • Where did I adopt this way of thinking, feeling, believing, avoiding, behaving etc.?

Then we can begin to formulate how we would prefer for it to look, feel, be and begin to develop the systems, processes, and actions that will have us moving in the direction of our aspirations.

Look past your dissonance! This is not rhetoric! It is time to stop hiding from your desires to experience living better!

Listen to your internal motivation. It is calling you to take action. Do yourself a favor, find the person, the professional that speaks your language, that will walk beside you, offer refinements and make effective observations that you may not see yourself!

I am happy to chat any time!

In the meantime,…. Here is a free gift from me to get you started The Balance Effect which comes with some amazingly useful bonuses!

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