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Are You Ready to Learn To Live Your Life The Way You Desire And Deserve?

Are You Ready to Turn A New Leaf?


If you are, then there’s no time like now! See the links below to view our coaching packages, which are specifically tailored for you and your new path. You are no longer alone and by joining any of our courses, coaching packages, or individual services, you become a part of a community that will support and encourage you on your recovery journey! Trust us, we have such a diverse and effective repertoire of courses and coaching options and you will find the right one for you!


You can even schedule a meet and greet, consultation, and a session with any of our Recovery Coaches using the button below!

We work with clients online anywhere in the United States and locally in Arroyo Grande and the San Luis Obispo, CA area.


Let's get started on your Recovery Journey

When you work with a Turning Leaves coach, you gain the opportunity to explore so many areas of your life with a trusted professional at your side walking through it with you and keeping you accountable to stay the course.

Of course, it is most effective to start with a Discover My Right Fit Consultation.

However, some people truly enjoy the experience of a Life Intervention prior to diving into any specific program, because here in this space we uncover exactly what you need and create an actionable roadmap for you.

But of course, our most traveled journeys are our Learn to Live Free and Evolve programs which have been producing high levels of complete life transformation success for years!

So, no matter what journey you want to take, we have something for you! And of course, every journey can be designed to meet your needs.

Please take a moment to read some comments and testimonials from past clients about our services.

You are not alone. You don’t have to know where to start! Contact Us! We love to answer questions, hear feedback, and give support.

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"Tricia has a firm understanding of the disease of addiction and serves as a priceless resource for patients and their families. Tricia is an excellent life coach, she has served as both a teacher and mentor for our recovery community. I highly recommend her services."


~Ken Starr

"It has been such a gift to work with Trish over the past year. Her kind, friendly demeanor puts me at ease and her genuine concern and desire to help me achieve greater balance in my life is the support and accountability I need to make lasting positive changes. Trish’s curriculum provides tools and skills to navigate through any life challenge from relieving stress to forming better habits. I’m entering into this new decade with greater confidence and focus thanks to our work together."


~Stephanie Stackhouse

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