Did you know Habits, Addictions,

and Negative Attachments can be overcome? Yup! They can!

It doesn’t matter how long you have been holding on to them or using them to cope with your emotions or life stressors. You CAN drop them all without feeling guilty, selfish, punished, or restricted.

And what’s even better.

You can keep those things you love, you just need to change

your relationship with them.


Recovery does not happen in a vacuum. Change won’t arrive without action.



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I worked hard for 30 years to hold on to all my habits, addictions, and negative attachments – until I couldn’t hold on any longer. It took me 25 years to weed through it all, to get where I am today – living a completely fulfilling life no longer held captive by any of them!

And if you can trust me, I want to show you how to comfortably move through the uncomfortable.

I have bridged the gap for you so your journey to relief can be a direct path to your freedom and in a much shorter process than my own.


  • Create A Solid Foundation

  • Maximize Maintainable Momentum

  • Leverage Your Personal Strengths

  • Strategize Systems To Optimize Your Functioning

  • Synthesize Your Life Stories

  • Strengths, Skill, Satisfactions

  • Discover What You Truly Need, Want, & Desire

  • Release The Fears Holding You Back

  • Investigate Old Ways Of Being And

  • Internalize New Ways Of Becoming


My laser coaching will get you unstuck so you can effectively manage your life structure and being living your days weeks months being the best you you can be. Believe me, you need you to be the best version of yourself you can be – your loved ones, your coworkers, and your environment needs you to be the best version of yourself.

Join me for an intimate, interactive experience designed to be focused on your life going forward, transforming your emotional intelligence, expanding your consciousness, and generating the healthy lifestyle you desire without creating overwhelm.

Make This The Year You Learn to Live Free from the Habits, Negative Attachments, and Addictions Holding You Hostage!