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"This program has been a life changer for me. It has made my recovery process so much smoother and has helped me to really self reflect and heal my deep-seated beliefs, habitual behaviors and thought processes that have blocked me from living my highest potential. I am so grateful for Tricia and Turning Leaves Recovery Coaching."

~Naomi Brebes

"It has been such a gift to work with Trish over the past year. Her kind, friendly demeanor puts me at ease and her genuine concern and desire to help me achieve greater balance in my life is the support and accountability I need to make lasting positive changes. Trish’s curriculum provides tools and skills to navigate through any life challenge from relieving stress to forming better habits. I’m entering into this new decade with greater confidence and focus thanks to our work together."


~Stephanie Stackhouse

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"Tricia is amazing! She is more than a coach - she is a true addiction specialist, and she GETS addiction of all kinds. I battle addiction with sugar and she is helping me so much with finding the WHY behind the addiction and then implementing steps to resolve the actual issues. I highly recommend Tricia!"


~Lori Osborne

"Tricia Parido is the real, deal. She has helped me and thousands of others find the path to, and maintain their recovery."


~Leo P.

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"If you are struggling with addiction of any kind, I cannot recommend Tricia highly enough. Tricia is a gentle soul, ready to support and guide you through this journey of transformation as you turn a new leaf in your mind, body & soul. I love that Tricia supports you every step of the way through her online courses, live sessions, group programs and 1:1 programs because she truly cares about your recovery and wants to see you succeed. You simply pick the program that works for you! Tricia is offering a great and much-needed service to our wider community, as she can work with you, no matter where you are located. Choose yourself - decide that you are worth it, and then choose Tricia as your guide."


~Melissa D.

"Tricia uses her own personal experiences and learning to guide life changes in those affected by addictions of all kinds, trauma, and anxiety related to life's challenges. She is easy to talk to and a ray of light in a world of potential fear and darkness."


~Beth P.

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"Tricia Parido knows the coaching business well, she has a passion for helping those who are struggling with an addiction. Tricia can lead you to the next level in your recovery, so if you are in need of a coach reach out to Tricia for assistance and support."


~Tony Jackson

"Tricia's way of helping you to be detailed and descriptive of your life experience to identify the opportunities to make life changing choices is brilliant!"

~Michelle Hollis

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"Tricia’s talent as a coach and counselor are unmatched. She is dedicated, compassionate and truly cares about the transformation and well being of her clients. Any person suffering from addiction and codependency couldn’t be in more capable hands."


~Perry Landsman

"Tricia cares about each of her clients like no other! Her passion and leadership is contagious."

~Maxine Metzger

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"I highly recommend Tricia as a recovery coach. She understands addiction first hand as well as having the credentials."


~Michael Roth

"I am so impressed with Tricia's story and her passion for helping others navigate their healthy recovery. She is a wealth of Knowledge and truly cares about her clients!! You are in great hands with her at your side."

~Marcy Schacter

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Jessica Ortiz.png

"There are many wellness and recovery centers and coaches out there. But if you're searching for someone who can truly relate to you and your struggles, who can help you feel more understood and inspired then Turning Leaves is for your. Tricia is for you. Tricia is one of the most inspirational women I've had the liberty to get to know. Working with her has motivated me and inspired me to focus on what is truly important. I was feeling overwhelmed and blocked, I didn't know how to move past it or get out of the funk I was in. Tricia has honestly helped me re-align myself and prioritize what is important. I can't say enough about her!"

~Jessica Ortiz

"I have been working beside Tricia for a little under a year now and she just keeps getting better. Better as an embassy for of her brand, lifestyle, and as a resilient professional leader. Tricia is an amazing Recovery Coach, Mentor to men and woman as well as families. She just does not ever stop Teaching and Learning how to grow and serve in the field of Addiction Services and Health and Wellness. Highly Recommend." 


~Rebecca LeMasters

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"Working with Tricia has changed my life. Her dedication to me as her client is compassionate and genuine. I have been apart of Turning Leaves with Tricia for a year and since beginning treatment with her, my relationships with my family, friends and myself have extremely improved.  I continue to learn and grow from the materials and tools Tricia uses to manage my recovery from living addicted."

 ~Nell Adrian

"Tricia Parido is a caring well qualified individual who puts her whole heart into everything that she does. A strong willed woman who accomplishes any task in front of her. Her love for helping others is her secret to her success. Tricia’s thorough nature leaves no stone unturned and no option unexplored as she finds the solution to every problem. Her go-getter attitude and vast amount of certifications makes her one of the best in the field of addiction and empowerment. Her program covers everything you would need in your recovery and healing process. I’m always blown away by the vast amount of resources and knowledge at her disposal. She has an Arsenal of tools and resources to help you or any other person she is working with obtain their desired outcome. Tricia is truly an amazing, knowledgeable, caring, hardworking, resourceful woman who was put on this earth to change people’s lives for the better. I couldn’t recommend an individual more highly then I do Tricia Parido for coaching, interventions, and any other addiction based service in her tool box. She is truly incredible." 


~Kevin Parker

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"Tricia has a firm understanding of the disease of addiction and serves as a priceless resource for patients and their families. Tricia is an excellent life coach, she has served as both a teacher and mentor for our recovery community. I highly recommend her services."


~Ken Starr

"I am very pleased to be able to write a letter of recommendation for Tricia Parido. Tricia's personal story coupled with her in-depth education in the field of addiction, substance abuse and psychology makes her a leader in the industry. She is warm, dedicated, knowledgable and gives careful attention to each and every client. Tricia's extensive background and genuine desire to help those in need to create the life they desire has been proven over and over with success stories! I highly recommend Trica Parido without any reservations for any of your needs in recovery and community outreach. Tricia Parido would be an asset to anyone struggling and a great addition to any organization needing help and guidance, as she is the type of person who will make a difference!"


~Kelly Grace Swift

Kelly grace swift.jpg

"I am writing this review today because It's  my 9th month anniversary of staying sober. This is something I never thought I could do but with Tricia's coaching and this program I am able to live my full, best and healthy life I have always dreamed of. If you are coming across this review the universe is giving you a sign too."


~Hollee Guthrie

"Tricia is an amazing and talented counselor and coach. She specializes in codependency coaching and women specifically, an area that is often not available and often overlooked. She offers in-person services and virtual (online) services. She also offers addiction coaching, recovery coaching and she is an International Master Addiction Coach and can help you or your loved one get sober and stay sober. I highly recommend her and her team."


~Dr. Cali Estes

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"Turning Leaves under the direction of Tricia Parido has been the missing link we gratefully found for the whole and comprehensive recovery of our daughter and our family. Tricia provides such a unique and outstanding service. Turning Leaves teaches a life skills curriculum with personal one to one counseling and support so needed after a person leaves rehab. Her service goes far beyond a typical out patient program as it meets the needs of the individual and is accessible. If you are looking for that life coach for your loved one after treatment, I highly recommend Turning Leaves. This program offers what is exactly needed for a person to survive and thrive after treatment. My family is whole again because of Turning Leaves and our daughter is happy and thriving."


~Jane Adrian

I have built so much confidence and strength in my life and in recovery. I have even found myself able to talk openly with others and give advice or input from my perspective about effective ways to deal with situations. 

The Turning Leaves program has been a game-changer for me. I feel I can go through my everyday life much more calm, cool, and collected. And, most importantly, sober, not needing to get into my secret indulgences to deal. I have gotten so much out of this lifestyle and way of living.

I’m back into it for a second time and learning even more about myself and the path that is right for me. I feel so bless to have found Tricia and the Turning Leaves way of life.



Working with Tricia over the course of this past year has changed my life.  I came to her seeking help and guidance concerning living life as a recovering addict, but I have learned so much more than just how to handle my addictive tendencies. Some of the most valuable skill sets include assertive communication, balancing the multi-faceted aspects of my life, halting dysfunctional and repetitive thought patterns, constantly evaluating and adjusting through the “add-edit-delete” technique (as she likes to say), scheduling out my days in the morning and ending my days with my “night hygiene,” and, perhaps most importantly, celebrating the little victories that often go overlooked. Tricia’s program teaches an all-encompassing set of life skills, and I have been able to witness the positive results applied in action countless times. I highly recommend working with Tricia, she has helped me elevate my life immensely. 


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