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Our mission at Turning Leaves®  Recovery, Life and Wellness is to guide women and men on a self-discovery journey of life recovery that fosters an internal strength and confidence to shine in the light they wish to be seen in and experience the life they desire using our proven to be effective online outpatient services.



Our vision is to foster in each participant a perspective that they are worthy. That each person’s thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and beliefs hold value and validity! To lead them into a self-determination mindset that this is their life too. It can look, feel, and be, however they determine it to be.


Our commitment is to coach the life skill sets and conditioning processes necessary for each individual to navigate through any life transition or challenge with:
















Nobody has to recover alone.

In our present global circumstance, even with the roadblocks of social distancing, you don't have to feel alone or struggle in silence.

We recognize now more than ever before how important it is to have accessible support online!

We have created welcoming environments for all to heal, thrive, and attain regardless of the type of addiction (chemical or behavioral) or life experience, from the collaborative platforms to the highly private.

We are all recovering from something! We are strong and courageous people just like you who have walked the journey of life recovery, our sole purpose is the concrete foundation from which we were built.

This is a Journey to Completeness!

Support is the Pathway to Living Free!

I was able to have a long conversation and was given insight into my specific personal situation. The non-biased, non-judgmental, open minded approach to treatment and therapy when it comes to building self-confidence, acknowledging personal strengths, and the application of motivational techniques enabled me to gain a better perspective of my particular situation. I would encourage anybody to contact Turning Leaves for better insight into personal strengths and how to use them to create harmony in life.


~Richard Ash

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