Beginning the Recovery Process? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions and Break the "Habit" Cycle

Updated: Aug 19

Julie-Anne Tucker TLR Affiliate Coach November 18, 2021

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How do we start the recovery process? For some, figuring out where to begin can be the biggest hurdle to overcome on the path to true healing and living a healthier life. We get stuck in our everyday routines and habits because they make us feel comfortable and are familiar. Staying stuck almost feels easier than taking steps to make changes, but is it?

Once we are free of destructive habits we can begin to focus on developing the positive attributes we want to exhibit every day and life becomes more manageable. Recovery from substance abuse, destructive habits, and codependency is possible!

The first step to a life free of destructive habits is giving yourself permission to do something completely different than you have done before - break the cycle of your “bad” habits. You can break this negative cycle by identifying unhealthy patterns and creating a picture of what living for yourself looks like. The habits we want to identify are habits that control and dictate our lives and no longer serve us. We especially want to focus on addictive habits that get in the way of managing our life, our business, family, and day-to-day affairs. These routines we repeat every day or in response to certain triggers become our habits. Eliminating these allows us to live in our power first.

So how do we identify our habits? By asking ourselves the following series of questions and reflecting on the answers.

  • ​​Where does habitual behavior happen?

  • What time of day do you engage in this habit?

  • How do you feel when it happens?

  • Are other people involved when this habit occurs?

  • Does the habit occur right after something else?

Once you have identified the answers to these questions, consider why you want to break this habit. It’s best to write all of this down so you can keep it fresh in your mind as you do the work. Then take a deeper dive with this Whole Health Survey to get a better understanding of the root causes and find a Balance Effect for your everyday life.

Remember, this is your life, you are the architect. As you build it, it can look, feel and be however you want it to. You can change or rebuild anything you want at any time. All architects need contractors to assist them as they build, and that’s where a recovery coach can be your biggest asset through your journey. At Turning Leaves we believe in finding you The Right Fit and building what works for you as an individual.

Are you ready to let go of habits that are no longer serving you and break the cycle?

It’s time to heal. Step into your power and begin your recovery journey through personal growth.

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