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Updated: May 25

Let’s practice making some decisions!

Let’s face it, making decisions can be a difficult task just because of the time and energy it takes to consider our options. Add in our second nature of second-guessing ourselves and feelings of indecisiveness, that decision just gets even tougher. But here’s the deal, these difficulties are actually a good thing. Why? Because it is an indicator that you are thinking through your choices instead of going with the path of least resistance.

When anxiety intrudes on our decision making there are some very specific skillsets you will want to keep in your back pocket. First, you must slow it down. This means getting to your quiet space that will allow for you to be completely in the current moment (because the anxiety lives in the future). Next, you must seek to understand what is driving the uneasiness and move directly into identifying what you can do to improve it. Now you will want to remind yourself that you have the power to think, feel, be, and act however you want. This means that just because you are uncomfortable you can be deliberate about your actions going forward (in the direction you desire). Sometimes you will need to do a bit of acting and just proceed as if there is no reason to be worried. Try considering that there is not a wrong or bad choice, this will help you lean in the direction of your true desire rather than dwelling on what you would prefer to avoid.

I read a good article the other day on PsychCentral, titled “Do You Have Difficulty Making Decisions?” by Linda Sapadin, Ph.D.

In brief, she recommends the following:

1. Accept that you can’t have it all

2. More thinking is not always better thinking

3. Don’t defer decisions endlessly

4. Trust your intuition

5. Some decisions don’t work out as expected; this doesn’t mean that you did anything wrong.

For those of you that are active Turning Leaves® clients, I’m sure you can see that validation of your hard work shining through. But if you are struggling with making decisions, let’s dive in and work out the formula that will work best for you more frequently.

Let’s wrap up with some basic daily practices!

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