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Updated: May 25

How To Intentionally Get Out Of Your Stuck Places

OK wow! It's July and we're still here trying to figure out how to operate in a world that isn't functioning the way we're used to. So, I want to talk about how we can be effective every day but not from an activity standpoint, but more so an emotional and mental well-being standpoint. Now don't get me wrong healthy activities are important and definitely are part of what we will look at in a minute, but I want activities to be seen more through an emotional lens and be implemented based on a need for mental stimulation and healthier lifestyle functioning.

Yesterday I was having a pretty deep conversation with a handful of my clients, we were investigating how things were going and the areas where we saw sticking points for things seeming to be not so fulfilling were:

1. Routine

2. Interesting Activities

3. Motivation

4. Desire

5. Inspiration

We talked about how suddenly after 4:00 PM there are now immediate feelings of just shutting down for the day. We were talking about how there is a noticeable reduction in productivity time right now. We identified room for expanding on learning, the need to implement better time management, and realized that there is now ample time for more recreation. But we ended right back at the emotional flatness. That place that hinders our motivation, desire, and inspiration.

One of the outcomes we came up with was to start every day new! So, we decided that scrapping the weekly planner or monthly planner concept would be a great way to regroup because right now it's just not proving to be effective; since every day presents itself with a different feeling; especially when those feelings are ‘I don't have enough to keep me so busy, in fact, I don't even remember why I was so busy all the time before the COVID-19’. So, the bottom line is we are going to look at every day as a new day when we get up in the morning we're going to start with a what's on our schedule today and then identify where the gaps are.

Now, of course, we don't want things to be all willy nilly so we decided that we would come up with a master list of time filling ideas and to keep that focus with intention. We decided we would make a master list of hour-long activities that will be effective for us and a master list of two hour-long activities that were effective for us and then you know what?--A really big sticking point for a lot of us was those little half-hour breaks that we just that were driving us crazy, so we're also going to make a master list of 30-minute activities so we can just pick and choose when we're putting together our daily routine what to do for that day.

Some of the ideas we came up with are:

1. Engaging in the 14-Day Challenge on Facebook that started at the beginning of this week

2. Engaging more rigorously with Life Unfolding which is an ongoing series of amazing mindset tactics

3. Upping our game with The Learn to Live Free program

4. Working on our development personally and professionally

5. Strengthening our spirituality

6. Exploring new recreation

7. Changing up our social and family time.

You can join us in and get your motivation back!

To take part in the rest of our helpful tips, click on the link here!

If you’re having a bit of a hard time being intentional you can always talk to our Turning Leaves® Recovery team! Just schedule a consultation here and we can talk with you about your next steps!

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