Life Transitions Can Get Tricky | Shifting into an intuitive mindset will change your experience.

Life transitions can get tricky. They insight feelings that we often don’t associate with them at all. Feelings like irritation, discontent, fear, loneliness, and anxiety. And unfortunately, where that most often leaves us is in a position to isolate, dwell, ruminate, argue, and blame external sources. Sometimes we even battle to change others in our life, believing that if they would just be tidier, more health conscious, more driven, less needy, or more engaged then they wouldn’t feel so negatively, their life could then be better.

Believe me, I get it. I can distinctly see the life transitions I have experienced and how all of these things were a component wreaking havoc in my personal functioning. I can also see where I needed to make the same shifts. How I had become that person seeking something, thinking I would find it if my home was decorated differently, I just had new clothes, I was physically fit, I could fix other people’s issues, and I didn’t need others approval.

The truth is, we all go through these periods in life. We go from being young adults with little responsibility, to adults with responsibility, jobs, careers, significant others, homes, and children. Then those responsibilities change, starting with the children leaving, decreased engagement in work, downsizing of homes, and the aging of our life partner and self. Of course, with so many other scenarios in between. Add in marriage and divorce, illness and death, success and failure, and you have a recipe for a constant need to be flexible and resilient. Something not often taught or modeled so we must navigate through using what ever tools we do have.

So, what do can be done to improve these times of life transition? How can we embrace them and handle them with grace?

I tap into my ability to use intuitive thinking. Of course, I had to learn what that was through my desire to create a healthier way of living and a longing for mental clarity. But what I found was that my intuition generated a capability inside me to tap into my deepest aspirations lying somewhere between the experiential approach of my logical mind and the deep psychological need of my emotional mind.

I know, you are probably saying “that’s great for you, but I don’t see how I can do that” or hopefully you are thinking “sweet, show me how to do this too”.

The journey, I have to say, isn’t a short one. There is a great deal of self-exploration involved.

For instance, we dive into evaluating;

• How truly healthy are you?

• Where do your social skills reside?

• What are the environmental circumstances?

• What are the toxic elements?

• Do you have lifelong motivation?

• Has your self-esteem suffered?

• Can you acknowledge your intellect?

• How do you define family?

• Are their spirituality aspects needing to be honored?

• Is there a willingness to distinguish life planning needs?

• And, do your activities of daily living reflect a sense of clarity pertaining to your aspirations?

Once we have discovered where your foundation is, we begin making small changes, shifts if you will, that will be manageable and maintainable lifelong going forward.

Then you begin to discover how you can;

• Communicate better with yourself by improving your internal dialog

• Relieve yourself from stress and pressure that is undue

• Shift your perceptions about things that are causing you discomfort

• Identify your core nonphysical feeling and what is driving it

• Become responsive instead of reactive

• Apply stress management techniques

• Engage in the creation of a balanced life

• Develop a willingness to sit in and move through the uncomfortable

• Embrace challenges as growth opportunity

• And, how you can operate from the expanded consciousness that intuitive thinking provides when needing to get unstuck and end maladaptive behaviors.

You have many options for life transition support and guidance. Take caution when you are in pursuit of discovering true clarity, mind, body, and spirit. Take the time to find the life coach, mentor, or therapeutic provider that speaks a language you understand.

If you would like to learn more about how our Life Coaching system can foster these imperative life skills and create your ability to build mastery in thoughts, feelings, emotions, values, opinions and beliefs so you can shine in the light you wish to see yourself pick one of the options to connect with a Turning Leaves Nationally Certified Life Coach to begin your life recovery process on our website.

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