How to drop your deceitful drinking habits permanently!

FREE Online Webcast – How to drop your deceitful drinking habits permanently!

(please read if you also binge on sugary treats, or constantly buy 20 unnecessary items…)


Hi, I’m Tricia Parido, and I had to face this issue - just like you.


Would you love to know how I said goodbye to feeling trapped by my drinking, goodbye to feeling lonely and goodbye to relying on relief from something “in a bottle” forever?


And regain your integrity, social confidence, and relationship stability?


You’ve seen all the ads, haven’t you? Everyone and their sister is claiming that they can show you how to change your habits…


… BUT without showing you how THEY do it themselves.


Which means, no credibility, right?


So that’s where I’m different. I’m showing you exactly what I’m doing every day to feel courageous living free, without alcohol calling the shots, wowing my loved ones with my genuine nature, impressing my social circles with my clear intellect and it only takes an hour a day to implement.


Nothing held back. And nothing to buy. This is part of a marketing test to get feedback on my new material and will be cancelled sometime soon.


BUT this online webcast is NOT for everyone.




This is for you if you are open to changing your habits.


It’s for you if you can take full responsibility for your outcome.


And it’s for you if you are completely done with feeling stressed out and out of control every day.


With what I’ll show you about what I do, I have no doubt that you’ll walk away with a clear insight into how to control your impulses, show up for your loved ones - 100% and feel like you can conquer anything.




People who are not determined to improve the way they are functioning and just want something for FREE.


People who place no value on learning from someone who’s already faced these problems and worked out a system to solve it.


Why? Because this means that you don’t really want to change your problem. And you especially don’t want to invest in yourself or your relationships. You just like making excuses about why you aren’t living the life you want.


So, if this sounds like you, then this webcast is not for you.


It’s also not for network marketers, spiritual healers or affiliate marketers.


You’ll be on your way to regaining your integrity, exuding social confidence, maintaining relationship stability, AND Learning to Live Free  -IF- you have a solution that YOU incorporate into your daily functioning, and -IF- there is proof that what you do works EVERY time.


So, if this offends you right now, then it’s a good sign that this online workshop is not for you.




You are someone who truly wants to do something about your situation. If you aren’t afraid to step up and take action - and you won’t stop until you reach your goal…


… then you should do whatever you can to follow exactly what I do.


Whether you do or not, is outside my control or responsibility.


For a limited time, I’m laying out exactly how I started to Live Free from deceitful drinking habits - and many other negative attachments for that matter - every day.

I’m not promising you that you’ll do the same.


I’m not promising anything other than showing you how I do what I do.


It’s up to you what you do with it.


All I’m asking for is your feedback on my new 45-minute online… nothing-for-sale… webcast called:



“Learn to Live Free: How to drop your deceitful drinking habits permanently without feeling limited or punished”




The simple thing I do to go through my days joyfully without feeling any tug in my gut whatsoever to drink…. (binge on sugary treats, or buy 20 unnecessary items…)

  • The foundational pieces of my system that work every time

  • Examples of how to end feelings of being less than…. Like you don’t measure up to your co-worker’s, in your social circles, and even worse – to your own expectations.

  • How I completely stopped making up excuses about my behaviour,

  • How I dropped the need to justify why I forgot to do something, or why I couldn’t be somewhere on short notice.

  • How I have engaged in helping hundreds of people just like me overcome their biggest problems - over the last 7 years – with great success

Best part is, it’s actually pretty easy to do. I’ll show you everything step-by-step. Nothing to buy. Just learn and apply (and if you like the class, then please tell your friends, okay?)


It’s easily worth $497. But the good news is, my online webcast is FREE.


Simply visit 'Learn More' to secure your spot now.


But this FREE offer won’t last forever.

Get started here now.

Please do NOT register if you are not planning on attending. Better that you waste someone else’s time.


But if you can handle the truth about what I do to have a thriving life and coaching practice that gives me impact and freedom to help people like me, then this is for you.


Please, no whiners or armchair critics – I’m just showing you what I do… not pretending to save your life.

If you’ve made it this far, then register now and I’ll see you on the webcast.



Tricia Parido