Recovery Tune Ups are a frequent need especially when we get complacent with the routine that got us this far. But more often we get to a place of vulnerability with increased stress or traumatic events. This is where it is time to engage in re-enforcement of our desire to stay in control of what we can, our sobriety. To do this however we often need to find guidance or support.

It isn’t surprising that as we evolve we create the need to develop new life skills that perhaps weren’t necessary before. It also isn’t a moral failing is we falter or slip away from our journey. The key is to get on what ever track that will lead us to the way we want it to be.

In these times of need our coaches will help you uncover what happened and support you in the determination of what next and where to that will generate a higher level of functioning and an improved quality of life.

This is an a la carte service that is developed and structured specifically for these times of need. They are available any time you feel stuck, in need of a “tune-up”, fear you may use or have actually experienced a slip. 


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