Are you feeling burnout and overwhelmed? Are you tired of being stagnant and you want your motivation back?Well, it’s time to take that break with BREATHE Your 5 Day Mini-Break!


This is the perfect gift of self-care. Whether you find a place to relax or you continue in your daily routine, this mini refresher sets you up to not only feel renewed but to think renewed!With encouraging and invigorating self-affirmations, reflections, and directives strategically set up for each transition in your day, you will claim a new healthy perspective of yourself and the world around you in just 5 DAYS!


Be the inspiration you wish to see in the world! | You have big ideas, huge aspirations, and deep thoughts about what would make your ideal world. Start inside! You hold the answers to creating this for yourself.



Breathe: Your 5 Day Mini Break


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