Are you ready to turn a new leaf in life?

Did you know that one mini leaf can take you from feeling alone to living FREE?! 


Mini Leaves a 30-Day Guide to Living Free is the ultimate journal with intention! Filled with specifically tailored prompts designed to help you reflect, plan, and overcome those habits stifling your growth and holding you hostage; this journal will teach you step-by-step how to live the life you desire and deserve!


Whether you are:

Just now embarking on the idea that you could use some direction...

Actively engaging in a change process ...

Feeling complacent and require a tune-up...


Everyone benefits from a period of personal growth. Whether you are just now embarking on the idea that you could use some direction, actively engaging in a change process with me, or feeling complacent and are in need of a tune-up, know that you are taking a very productive and proactive step to attaining your desires! Embrace this 30- Day Journey as the special gift it is! You are giving freely to yourself. 


You are not alone. You can live free.Now Let’s Turn A New Leaf!



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