You, Unstuck, Enjoying Your World, The People in it, Just the Way You Dream About It!

Updated: May 26

You, Unstuck, Enjoying Your World, The People in it, Just the Way You Dream About It!

It’s here! A system just for you, because you have come to see your worth only through the things you do for literally everyone else; your loved ones, your community, your careers, without consideration for you!

That’s right Learn to Live Free – Living for Yourself First system has been created with just you in mind!

Let’s back up a little because that was a pretty definitive statement and there is plenty of scenarios that maybe don’t sound quite so heavy. There are situations that I know for a fact have people seeking relief in an array of activities.

Let’s try this one on today; are you a rockstar mom with school-age children (or younger) who manages the household operations, is in charge of every meal, responsible for every drop-off and pick up, not to mention after school activities and weekend events? Are you close with your family? Perhaps you have a sister you are close to and aging parents? Do you find that you are their “go-to” person when they need help, guidance, or just someone to listen to them complain about aspects of their life? Perhaps you even have a job that affords you the flexibility to maintain all of this so long as your responsibility to the company is done efficiently.

If you are, I would be willing to bet that you experience days that are super exciting and full of joy!

I am also quite certain that there are days where you feel defeated, lonely, unheard, disrespected, undervalued, lost, stuck, unfulfilled, anxious, and depressed.

Because you are so on top of helping everyone else stay healthy; you are so organized with all of these “roles” you fill. You most likely are at least thinking about, if you aren’t already doing so, one or two of these things in the effort to “feel” better; trying the latest fad diet, engaging in an exercise class, getting a monthly massage, learning to meditate, having a monthly “girls” lunch, or reading a best-selling ‘improve your life’ empowerment type book by an author you have no connection with and who knows nothing about you.

Don’t get me wrong, these can all be helpful, if and when, you know how to incorporate them from the right mindset, with the correct intention, and through the right guidance.

What I mean by that statement is; simply adding to your life under that category of self-care won’t equate to self-care results, most likely it will increase anxiety, stress, resentment, and discord because you will at times feel guilty for “needing” the time to yourself, you will feel angry when something gets in the way (cause it will), you will feel hurried before your activity and after, and you will feel mentally distracted (perhaps even talk about) by everything else in your life while you are there.

What you need to do is learn how to live for yourself first. And that doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the things you do for others; it doesn’t mean you have to be a different person. You just need to do some lifestyle and mental processing rearrangement!

This is what the Learn to Live Free – Live for Yourself First system will give to you! A rewarding and healthy life balance that considers absolutely everything that is important to you. A brand-new way to see yourself and others, the way you want to. An effective way to communicate your needs, desires, and aspirations. An ability to find resolve without the fighting and hurt feelings. How to hear what others are saying without taking it as something you need to do, fix, change, or even judge. And the realization that you truly do have the power to choose how you feel in any single minute of any day!

I know this to be true and I know this works! I will be with you every step of the way to show you exactly how it will create positive change in your life specifically!

You have an opportunity here! Will you take it?


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