You CAN’T Spell Challenge Without Change. 3 tips you can't skip!

Updated: Aug 19

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You CAN’T Spell Challenge Without Change | Tricia Parido Master Coach September 28, 2021

There can be so many different versions of a healthy life. And when you throw in a recovery journey or a recovery lifestyle, regardless of the driving factor for needing life recovery, it can get even more convoluted! I see so many people go about the change journey backward, and while they may ultimately get where they aspire to be, the journey’s terrain is much rougher than it needs to be!

Start Here: Ask yourself “when was the last time I explored what my ideal version would look like?” Then: and perhaps an even more effective question to ask yourself is “when was the last time I looked at how I am functioning right now?”

If you stopped and answered these questions; how close together were the two results?

Tip 1: Using a self-assessment tool to sort out which behaviors are most likely to cause problems in your life is a tremendously effective way to get to know yourself at a deeper level.

Tip 2: To get truly effective results you need to be dedicated to self-observation over time and be willing to complete the task authentically and transparently.

graphic of a rocky set of stairs with the words you can't spell challenge without change. If you're going to rise to the challenge, you have to be ready to change.

Because if you're going to rise to the challenge of instigating change you must know:

  • where you are,

  • what is and is not working,

  • why,

  • where you would like the ideal version(s) to be,

Tip 3: Once you have your foundation (hint; the prompts above) create a roadmap so you can begin creating the how you will get there.

If I can leave you with a useful phrase, one you can print and post in crucial places you spend time, it would be this.

“We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face our challenges”

I have embedded some useful links for you in this blog. However, I know I can give you the guidance you need to create an effective plan so please, subscribe, or complete a contact me form so we can connect!

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