You can be resilient! Do not miss this opportunity to grow in the face of adversity!

Updated: May 26

This is too long term of a crisis to not stop and develop coping skills. This is too big of an issue to not stop and look at self-care needs. And we would be foolish to not take the time to focus on motivation and the practices that will keep a forward-moving momentum!!

This time calls for us to dig deep and find our innermost capabilities to be confident, courageous, and yes, positive. Because why? We aren’t certain about what lies ahead. We aren’t certain about our jobs, careers, businesses. We aren’t certain about our relationships that are in a state of strain because we are all on top of each other, disconnected from each other, pushing each other’s buttons or for the many unfortunate, grieving loss.

I know, believe me, I do we are all filled with anxiety-inducing uncertainty. We are all battling the depressive states that come with confinement, isolation, and distance. I must get up every day and face the same new reality as you do. I start each day with the need to look at the battle and find the new purpose that will carry me through. So, I want to help you cope through and grow through this period of difficulty right alongside me!

I know, I have put video’s out about social distancing and avoiding PTS, choosing the words we use, adapting and developing frustration tolerance, anxiety-inducing uncertainty, and conditioning resilience, but these were just me sharing the surface points of where I was at, what I was observing, and how I saw a need to embrace the challenge of change.

Now is the time to get real, to share what I have investigated, what I am doing every day to grow, change, morph with this new world and help you know what you need to know so you too can function at your highest level of self every day (even when it looks different every day).

I won’t overwhelm you. My purpose isn’t to just write another article filled with textbook advice. I want you to experience value. Each week I will share insight and reality surrounding new growth opportunities, the ability to stay afloat and be the leader in your life (your family, your social circle, your community).

So here we go. Well at least on the topic of building resiliency in our new reality. I want to approach this from a long-term perspective to help you cope, grow, and connect it all with your path to engage with your new purpose. This week will be an overview and next week we will begin breaking it all down, piece by piece.

What is resilience? Merriam Webster says it’s the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. To have the ability to spring back into shape, to have elasticity. In other words, a resilient person can cope even when faced with unforeseen challenges, barriers, limitations, or setbacks. The resilient person is willing to do whatever it takes to overcome obstacles. And the resilient person works on their emotional strength constantly in the effort to maintain these capabilities.

There are plenty of tools out there for developing resilience in the face of adversity I personally like the work of Kenneth Ginsburg, M.D. in his book, A Parent’s Guide to Building Resilience in Children and Teen: Giving Your Child Roots and Wings (2011, American Academy of Pediatrics). Although not directly written for the adult needing to become resilient the skills and tactics are quite transferrable to what we are faced with, not to mention we all need to become leaders in this so what better of an approach than that of an effective parent.

Anyway, what we will be diving into over the next seven weeks or so is my correlation of how to apply his Seven C’s of resilience to our current world crisis. They are Control, Competence, Coping, Confidence, Connection, Character, and Contribution.

But for today and throughout this upcoming week I want to give you an easier start. So, let’s take this time to investigate 5 ways we can strengthen our resilience.

1. Let go of the negative; Yup, you can do it. If you don’t you will remain stuck right where you are depressive and anxious. So, keep a pad of paper handy and unload every negative thought right there. The more we hold on to them the more they spiral.

2. Embrace change; My motto – We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face challenges. Back to that pad of paper, write every challenge, obstacle, or barrier. Now restructure it, action plan a resolution, create a better outcome.

3. Realize optimism is a gift; acknowledge anything and everything that gives you hope. The time right now is best served by focusing on what can be done rather than what is out of your control. Keep a daily log leaving the negative anywhere else but on this piece of paper.

4. Increase your connections; if you are a business networker shift that energy into social networking if you are a social butterfly, pour your energy into new professional ventures, engage in positive social conversations with people you don’t know (ie. if you follow someone inspiring, engage with other people who are following and commenting on their posts), and finally, seek virtual get-togethers (TED Circles, Local Community functions, Free virtual groups…)

5. Actively participate in Self-Care; Talk, share, listen, reflect, explore, engage in healthy activities that will promote emotional, mental, social, environmental, spiritual, and physical well-being. Sitting is stress, worry and anxiety will only promote staleness, perpetuate being in a rut, and hinder motivation.

These are just a few of the topics I’ll be sharing with you, there is so much more skills I want to share with you about resiliency! I think it's so imperative that we learn resilience, so I want to dig a little deeper with you! I will be hosting a 12-part series on How to Strengthen Your Resilience. Each topic will come with skillsets and resources that will enforce resiliency strategies you learn!

You don’t want to miss this!

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