The roadmap to Intuitive thinking: The 10 things you need on your life recovery journey!

Updated: Aug 19

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Creating an improved state of mental clarity requires a conscious effort focused on strengthening your innate ability to utilize intuitive thinking. What this intuition will generate for you is a capability to tap into your deepest aspiration that can be found right between the experiential approach of your logical/rational mind and the deep psychological needs found in your emotional mind. A place commonly referred to as your “wise mind” and notably difficult to locate when we are in early recovery, still operating in addictions, or remain bound by negative attachments.

So, if clarity is your truly desired outcome beginning with the utilization of intuitive thinking as your approach to understanding the elements that create a balanced life will be prudent. To start your journey do the following;

Step One:

· Explore the six elements of health

· Define your work or career capabilities

· Examine your social skills

· Take a good look at your environmental circumstances

· Identify anything toxic in your life

· Review your development skills

· Investigate your lifelong motivation

· Reflect on your self-esteem

· Acknowledge your intellect

· Determine enjoyable recreation

· Define what family is to you

· Honor your spirituality

· Categorize activities of daily living

· Distinguish your life planning needs

Now the intuitive personal also looks at things like beginning every day with an intention that will send them out into their day in a forward-moving mindset with a positive and mindful attitude. They also have clarity around specific goals, aspirations, and objectives. An intuitively functioning person will check in with their demeanor often while carefully performing self-observation and examining aspects that derail them or create conflict, so they can effectively implement behavioral or cognitive change. And these folks are consistently in the pursuit of being self-aware, present, loving, open, and one mindful through the use of techniques that keep them centered, grounded, and calm.

How do we get to this wise mind, that place of intuitive thinking and mental clarity? We looked at “step one” above, let’s go through the remaining nine:

Step Two: Take it one step at a time. Make small changes that are manageable and maintainable, lifelong.

Step Three: Learn to communicate effectively with yourself by improving your internal dialog, this will relieve you from undue stress and pressure.

Step Four: Make it important to shift your perceptions about the things that cause you discomfort.

Step Five: Learn how to identify your core nonphysical feelings in any situation. It is no longer acceptable to describe yourself or the things in your life as being just “fine”.

Step Six: Make it a priority to identify what drives your stance and take time to define how to improve it going forward.

Step Seven: Develop the ability to be responsive in all things and abandon reactivity.

Step Eight: Become acutely aware of the fluctuations in your daily life and use stress management techniques consistently.

Step Nine: Engage in creating life balance in the imbalance that is life. Your core foundation will be rock solid when you do.

Step Ten: Always be willing to sit in and move through the uncomfortable with the knowledge that there will be no growth without challenge.

Ultimately, what you will be accomplishing here is an expanded consciousness by applying your intuitive thinking skills to create something better, to get unstuck, an end to maladaptive behaviors and thought processes.

This is not a simple journey.

There are many options for support that can serve as your guide. Feel free to reach out! I am happy to help!

I do recommend that you find a place that speaks a life language you understand. One that fosters the imperative life skills that will create your ability to build a mastery of the thoughts, feelings, emotions, values, opinions, and beliefs that work for you in your life so you can shine in the light you wish to see yourself and be received by others.

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