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Today, I'm going to talk to you about a lot of things that I’ve experienced, prior to deciding I was ready for a much brighter vision around life. These topics are also very much characteristics each person I work with face with significant regularity. But I think it's important that we talk about the issues we face every day.

Mental reels plague our ability to slow down, relax, and get the sleep we need to have true clarity in our life. Think about the turmoil you allow to swim around in your mind (especially when it hits the pillow). The I can’t believe I did that’, ‘I can’t believe they said that’, ‘I can’t forget to’, and of course we can’t leave out the practice conversations or fictitious screenplays we create for things to come. Which also fosters waking up every day in a state of overthinking. This fuels the ‘I have so much to do’,’ I have to take care of everything’, ‘why do they do what they do’, and ‘how can I be what they need me to be’.

So, I’m sure that just felt like a big ramble chatter cluster of things that swirl around but I bet you know what I'm referring to right? These are the things that we want to change but don't know how to change. In fact, it's another issue we face every day, the fear of change, the fear of failure we don't know where to start or where to begin, we don't know what steps to take to change it. This is the role we choose, this is who we are or so we think.

And when we get to that spot of thinking, ‘this is my role’ ‘this is my perceived job’, we start to go into the dialogue that has us feeling like we are invisible, invalid, and unheard. Driving our self-worth until it's lacking making our self-esteem become trapped by that role. And once we're trapped and, in that fear, we began to hide behind the action of doing for others as a way to fuel our appearance of worthiness. Quiet time becomes something we avoid at all costs. Because in those moments of quiet mental reels, overthinking, and feelings of invalidation get really loud. We isolate ourselves from social gatherings under the guise of being too busy’ because we feel like we have nothing interesting to add, nothing of value to present, or we feel like we are boring.

But in those off moments that we allow ourselves to look within, what we see is a longing for what others have. We begin to focus on what isn't right; our emotional sensitivity becomes extreme, just about everything gets under our skin it makes us irritable, and we have frequent and unnecessary outbursts because of this agitation. Unfortunately, we often allow that frustration to build up so strong that it makes us just want to bolt. But, instead, we continue just dragging the past around with us; ruminating and wallowing in all of the days passed that we have clearly survived.

I don't know about you, but all of this made it highly worth engaging in a persistent pursuit of personal empowerment, life improvement, and a lifestyle that afforded me the ability to know that my thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and beliefs are valid. They hold ample value and they are worthy of being heard. My self-esteem no longer suffers from these tumultuous thoughts consuming my mind, making my physical body uneasy, and holding me back from shining in my own light.

So, what’s holding you back now?

It’s time to shine in the light you want to be seen in, it’s time to do the deep work and live!

It’s time to persistently pursue you.

You can always reach out to me or any of our Turning Leaves Recovery team here to start or continue on your journey!

Let’s do it together.

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