The Benefits of Thank You

Updated: May 25

It takes a great deal of work to move or shift from being somebody that notices all of the challenges trials tribulations and negative aspects of your life, to somebody that sees all of these things as gifts providing for and making room for growth understanding compassion, and love. But where do you start? In my journey and on the journey that I travel with my clients, the first thing we do is incorporate what I call night hygiene. What this looks like and sounds like at the end of the day is this…

· “What went well today? Why?”

· “How can I perpetuate this going forward or incorporate this into other areas of my life to promoting increased benefit?”

· “What didn’t do as well as I had hoped? Why?”

· “What can I do to improve it? Is there a skillset or tactic I used somewhere else that may be useful?

· Finally, “What didn't work? How can I learn from this?” and ‘How do I package it up?

· “Are there benefits to shelving any parts? Or does it all need to join the metaphoric trash can?”

I promise that doing this exercise every day provides much in the way of seeing things to be grateful for. Honestly, I practice this daily and sometimes more than once! Why? Because what I gain from it are very specific lessons that I am ultimately grateful for because it drives my lifestyle of being the best version of myself I can be, especially when things don’t go as well as I had hoped or worse, don’t work at all! But for some this may be difficult to conceptualize so let’s dive a bit deeper.

Now that we have the idea around effective reflection, how do we start transitioning that into specific gratitude’s?

1. Say thank you and I mean to just about everything and everybody! Seriously, if somebody is criticizing you, you can thank them for sharing their perception or input because, without it, you would only have your version, and everything has the potential to be better!

2. Take everything under advisement! Say ‘Thank you, I'm going to reflect on this input, feedback, criticism, take what I can use as a growth opportunity’ and leave the rest. Because honestly without that criticism or input you would have missed the opportunity to grow in that situation. So, why not be thankful instead of offended.

3. Thank everything and everybody out loud for challenging you to receive. This is something that I struggle with still today, but boy has it improved. Receiving input productively and proactively regardless of how uncomfortable, hurtful, or even complimentary is what will be your roots! Think about being able to hear that compliment about your work, your appearance, or your involvement and greeting it with a simple ‘Thank you, I appreciate your kind input’. No more degrading comments about how you could have done it better, how you don’t feel attractive, or how it was the least you could do donating your time.

As we have been growing as a community we have been changing and morphing right into our journeys. I am so excited that we get to KICK-OFF the month of September with 30 Days of Thank You’s! We have so much to be thankful for and especially now it’s so easy to forget that.

You can always set up a consultation here with me and the team if you need help taking that first step and changing your perspective on what you can be thankful for! Schedule a consultation here!

If you want to hear what the biggest gift for me is?

Watch our Monthly Round-Up and find out!

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