Life Continues To Unfold – How are You Responding?

Updated: Jun 7

Life continues to unfold – How are you responding?

Hey everyone! How resilient are you feeling? Sick and tired of people suggesting you just be or stay positive?

I hear you, “stay positive” has become a bit of a cliché and even more so these days. I mean come on, so many of us are out of work, others are out on furlough, some are trying to juggle working from home which possess some serious life balance issues to say the least. For most of us we are just trying to feel alive and stimulated while staying home as much as we possibly can.

So, I say let’s be open and willing to be the best version of ourselves we can be while being kind to ourselves as we move through the uncertainty!

I hope for your sake that you aren’t one of the countless that have fallen into any inadvertent routines that inevitably won’t serve you going forward. Sure it was harmless at the beginning of all this to feel like it was ok to hang out in the garage or on the driveway at lunchtime to decompress with a bottle of wine or a cocktail while watching the kids get some outside activity. It may have been comforting to binge-watch Netflix in the evening with the family while snacking on your favorite treat. And possibly you are even one of the many who are suffering without having gym access and have been too unmotivated for exercise time at home.

Look, I get it, all those scenarios are acceptable responses in a time of complete uncertainty. Well, there are some parameters to that thought process.Drinking every day and at extended lengths may work out ok for a short period of time. I mean people do it all the time when they are on vacation and it doesn’t create a problem. The problem is this isn’t a vacation, this situation didn’t end after one or two weeks and we don’t really have any idea when it will, if ever, go back to a regular workweek.

So what then? Fast forward 12 months, you are still drinking every day, some days in the middle of the day, and now you notice it went from one bottle to two a day, or a 6 pack to an 18 pack, or a couple of shots to a fifth. Then your office opens at full capacity, you are expected to return to your normal workstation, and you are now back to 9 hours a day away from home. How easy do you think it will be to abruptly drop that 2 bottle a day routine?

Ask yourself these questions:

· Will you have withdrawal from keeping up on Netflix episodes?

· Will you be able to avoid the binge-watching/eating?

· If not, how do you think it will impact your family time?

Oh, we can’t forget the extra pounds and lack of endurance now that you have been out of the gym for a year.

· If you are an all or nothing type person will you be there first thing in the morning and again on your way home from work?

· How is that going to impact your relationships or life balance?

If you have been participating in Strengthening Your Resilience I hope you have moved into Life Unfolding for Part 2 where we have been diving in and looking at the seven C’s of Resilience (control, competence, coping, confidence, connection, character, and contribution).

If you haven’t joined either, I want you to stop for a minute to answer these questions honestly and with authenticity. (seriously, nobody is listening but you so there isn’t any reason to stretch the truth or sugar coat it).

· Since COVID-19 arrived how vulnerable have I felt?

· Since Shelter In Place began how out of control have I felt?

· Since the slow relaxing of the order has begun how stuck have I felt?

I want to knowhow often you felt flat like life had become mundane, days all blurring together, inundated with negative thoughts and comments.

Now let’s get present.

· What did your yesterday look like?

· How about today?

· Do you remember the last day you truly felt invigorated by your life?


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