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Let's Talk Life Recovery!

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

So, I think it's high time we talk about recovery, more specifically Life Recovery.

I know that there are a lot of you out there who have an internal dialogue going on that sounds a lot like “I'm NOT gonna eat sugar today” “I'm NOT going to have more than two glasses of wine today” “I MUST stick to my shopping list today”. I also know that there are a lot of you out there that have an internal dialogue that is burning inside a little bit hotter. This sounds like and feels like – “How can I sneak off to the closet to down my first drink without anyone noticing?” “I have to stop at the liquor store and grab a couple of candy bars I need one right now and I might as well get one for later.” I know we don't need this particular item today, but I will just figure out a way to justify buying it.”

There are also you out there who are really battling with an inability to sit still always needing to be busy doing something whether that's cleaning, laundry, cooking, making invitations, planning, the next party, or well, just anything but sitting still because when you sit still the pull to eat, drink, or visit your dark emotional places kicks in. You know the ones that tell you you're not good enough, you're undeserving and unloveable. Generally, the battle we have is only inside of ourselves. It's that constant need for something outside of ourselves to help us feel better, bring us calmness, to soothe us in some way shape or form, only it really doesn't. The alcohol is never just one drink and it typically generates guilt, shame, and remorse. The overindulgence with food alters our body image, leaves us feeling disgusting and ugly, still shameful, remorseful, guilty. And the impulsive purchases; while bright and shiny leave us with remorse, guilt, struggling financially, and again shameful. Now, there are many levels of addiction from the low-level, moderate to severe with any one of these examples; alcohol, food, shopping, people-pleasing, and compulsive business. Yes, some of these more severe levels benefit greatly from stabilization and intensive treatment. This would be more of the 30-day in-patient type treatment program. While deeply necessary it's important that we call them and understand them for what they are – stabilization! They will not contain manageable and maintainable skillsets because the length of time is not conducive for “life-long”. The assertive life coaching level of care is exactly what is necessary for long term recovery success. This is why I call it “life recovery”. It will provide you with the emotional intelligence and skill sets necessary to make it through each day going forward. But it takes work, it takes diligence, and it takes determination.

Take a break here to watch this testimonial from one of our dearest clients, Naomi Brebes. This is what recovery looks like!

Some people don't need stabilization like those with more severe addictions. They can start right away with the right coach on restructuring one attitude, one behavior, one emotional need at a time, and they can get stronger without their deceitful, sneaky, and impulsive actions. They can begin letting go of those gut-wrenching tugs that are making them crazy every day. But here's the deal, you have to know where “you” need to be, and “you” can't start where “you” want to start or where “you” would prefer to start just because it sounds like the path of least resistance. You must be willing to reach out, ask a professional, and master your will on your particular topic or problem. After openly, honestly, and genuinely sharing with them what your daily life looks like and feels like they will be able to help you understand the right place to start. Coming up next month we are going to talk about these things in depth. We're going to talk about how normal it is to need a life coach. We are going to talk about how normal it is to need to develop emotional intelligence around your personal struggles and how you need to go about overcoming them. We are going to talk about addictions from a place of normalization so that everyone can see that anytime something is starting to control them no matter how little it is, it is worth taking a look at and getting help, guidance, and direction from someone who knows how to do it successfully! As I shared in the Monthly Roundup, we are seeing this happen and unfold every single day! If you haven’t seen our Monthly Roundup, you can view it here. We want to meet you where you are and help you go where you want to be. We are masters at reigning in impulsivity, taking control of the negative, dropping secret indulgences, and living for yourself without feeling guilty, selfish, restricted, or punished! Don't miss August’s deep dive into how you can turn your problems around into an amazing brand new and FREEING LIFE. One that looks like and feels exactly how you want it to.

If you want so help in implementing some of the tools and tips shared above, I’m always open for consultation. Or you can join a Learn to Live Free program and we can take the journey together.

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