Learn How to Give to Yourself and Others | 6 Effective Steps to Shift your Mindset.

Updated: Aug 17

I want to be pretty to the point this week.

If you feel completely spent because you are constantly giving to others (because they are so willing to take what you have to offer). Or, maybe you feel completely unfulfilled because your daily routine seems consumed by shallow tasks. And if nothing you do really feels rewarding or produces true joy….

You must make a shift in how you give yourself!

More to the point; you will benefit greatly from giving to yourself first and filling in the remaining “time” with doing meaningful and helpful acts for others.

But there are some guidelines. It isn’t as easy as a surface action!

First; you must believe in your deservingness! Yes, you must know deep down inside that you are a great person with awesome gifts to give. An individual who completely has earned the right to receive kindness and gentleness from yourself (first) and others!

Second; you must own the right to choose how you give but choose to give right! You heard that right! There is a huge difference between taking and receiving. You have to know the difference. And you must apply this concept to yourself first and then to others. You see, if you are selfishly taking for yourself and coining it as quality me time, you are robbing yourself from experiencing the beautiful gift of receiving meaningful or quality time with yourself. The same goes for others. If you allow people to take from you, they will miss out on experiencing what really exists inside your gift. When you require receiving from those you give to, you create a completely different and fulfilling type of relationship.

Third; find your cause! Everyone has something they are passionate about. Instead of being passive about it, get involved! Now I don’t mean you have to become its biggest crusader. But you ought to have a clear understanding about why you are emotionally invested, be able to speak to your connection, and give unconditionally to what ever it is in what ever capacity realistically fits into your life.

Fourth; learn to gift what you have! Generally, people who gravitate to us admire or desire something we have or possess. Be the person that can identify what that is and find a way to share it with them. Even better is doing so without their awareness.

Fifth; gift the antagonistic or mean with kindness! That’s right. When someone in your life is just out to pick a fight or create an issue give them the best you’ve got! Tell them how awesome they are. Give them their favorite snack. Whatever it is that will lift them up as high as you can. Your reward comes in the form of helping them turn their day around! And you won’t have to endure all the negativity.

Sixth; smile from the inside out! When you are the director of your life you can choose to control how you see yourself, how others see you, how you are received, and more importantly, how you allow others to have input or manipulate how you feel in your role. If you truly desire to stay positive and happy no amount of external negativity will have the ability to penetrate your mood. In fact, quite the opposite. Generally, when we are genuinely happy with how we are conducting our life others will be pulled in the same direction. It’s hard to be a grumpy pants when you are hanging out with little miss sunshine. Well, that is, depending on which one owns it more deeply.

The bottom line is this; if you are truly unfulfilled with how you see yourself, your relationships, and the contributions you provide inside your life, it’s time to get to work on creating a better version. One that brings you satisfaction along with everyone you surround yourself with. Let’s talk! Consultations are risk free!

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