How We See Our Physical Body

Updated: Sep 26

a woman with long dark hair looks at her reflection in a car window as she walks by

How we see our physical body is not always accurate. This is especially true for those struggling with body dysmorphia. This can make it incredibly difficult to see ourselves as we truly are, and in turn make it difficult to love ourselves as we are. With the help of those close to us and professionals, like myself, we can start to break through the distorted perceptions and patterns and begin to treat our physical being the way it deserves! It's not going to be easy, but it will be WORTH IT!

I want to share with you what we can do to change our negative perception of ourselves into a more positive light!


woman measures her waistline as she looks at her body in the mirror

We are bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies, which can be incredibly damaging to our self-image. Our society has this expectation that we should all look a certain way and if you don't fit into these standards then what do people think? It's hard enough feeling like something is wrong in the mirror every day - it doesn't need other validation for how bad things really feel!

Making peace with your body is a process, not an option. You deserve love and understanding without judgment.

  • Focus on being healthy and strong, rather than trying to achieve an unrealistic ideal

  • Stop comparing yourself to others, as this will only lead to unhappiness

  • Let go of the need for perfectionism and be at peace with who you are

  • Embrace your flaws and imperfections, because they make you unique and special


a spread of healthy, fresh and nutritious food like nuts and berries and avocado

We have all had those days where we can't help ourselves overindulging in our favorite foods, but don’t beat yourself up! It's important that you learn how to make better decisions for your body. No more self-loathing! We need an action plan so that we make progress tomorrow!

Start with choosing foods high in protein and staying away from sugars or

carbohydrates late at night so they won’t cause sugar highs followed by low energy levels later on during the day.

Ask yourself - ‘How do I want my experience living right now?’ What does showing myself compassion do for my emotional state?’

Your life is waiting for you to start experiencing it in a way that makes YOU feel empowered, loved and confident. This journey isn’t about changing who we are as beings; instead it's all about shifting how our physical bodies show up so they match what's going on inside of us- which can look different from person to Person. Each journey is unique and can be tailored to fit your needs!

When we start to love our physical bodies and see them for what they really are - amazing vessels of life that bring us joy, happiness, contentment; then everything changes. We no longer feel like there’s something wrong with us. It drives us to develop a healthy relationship with food as our FUEL and exercise as a tool to maintain our health.

I can help you develop the satisfaction, pride, content and balance you desire!

I can help you experience the true intimacy, unconditional positive regard for yourself, your relationships and your environment!

All you have to do is reach out, schedule a time to chat! I'm here to walk you through the process of Loving Your Physical Body!

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