How to find your Why and start living on your own terms

Updated: Aug 19

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Have you ever felt dismissed or unheard, or like your dreams & desires aren't holding any value? You're not alone! Many of us feel like this or have felt like this at some point.

This feeling can be exacerbated when you're trying to recover from addiction or please others at the expense of your own well-being. It can also be tough if you are a mom trying to balance work and home life or an employee trying to make your voice heard.

Fortunately, there are things we can work on, within ourselves to help us battle the feelings of being dismissed or not heard. Speaking to a professional can help you along in this process as well. You can always reach out to me. I want to help you find your confidence and your voice.

What Can You Do to Battle These Feelings?

Too often people are living life that doesn't feel authentic to them. I know because this was me. The pain I felt in my mind, how it showed up on an emotional level and what I wanted it to be were completely different things! You can choose something better and learn what exactly it is you can do to get there!

  • Understanding 'WHY' you are feeling this way

  • Validating your feelings

  • Treating ourselves the way we want to be treated

  • Treating others the way we want to be treated

  • Hearing and listening the way we want to be heard

  • Seeing the way we want to be seen

  • Experiencing others and our environment the way we want to be experienced

  • Acknowledge that the other person may have a different perspective & that doesn't make them wrong

It can be tough to speak up for ourselves and our dreams, but it is so important. When we know what we want and why we want it, it becomes easier to communicate this to others in a way that they will understand and empathize with. We need to learn how to advocate for ourselves if we ever hope to achieve success on our own terms.

Clarifying Your Why

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What is your ‘WHY’? Be clear on your 'Whys'. Why do you want, need or desire what you do? What are your values and beliefs?

Find what makes you unique and special. Figure out what drives you to chase after your dreams or decide to let go of the negativity. Once you have clarity around this question, share with others the light inside of you. Write your ‘WHY’ down and keep it in a place visible to you every day.

People are drawn to those who they feel a deep connection with. This is crucial for you as the leader of your life, and how others come into it. You need to always be able to articulate a clear, powerful WHY that people can identify with and feel inspired by. articulating the vision for your life is crucial in leading others into fulfilling their potential as well! Advocate for yourself by telling your story in a way that is authentic and true to who you are. Sharing your story could help inspire others as well!

Make Time For You and How You Want to Be Heard!

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Speak up for yourself, your desires & aspirations! It is so important to know what we want and why we want it to have successful relationships with ourselves as well as personal and professional.

The problem isn't necessarily what's happening around us but rather our thoughts about these events. Many of us have trouble hearing what we need to say and do because our minds are filled with unhealed pain from the past. I can help you identify your biggest emotional block so that it doesn’t hold back any more progress in life!

If you’re struggling to clarify your ‘Why’, don’t be afraid to reach out for help. Guidance in this can be the difference of feeling unheard and unseen to feeling confident and respected. Schedule an Awakening Call with me so I can help you identify your why! I want to hear and see your passion. I promise I have space for you to shine, to Evolve, to Live Free, to Love your body, and to find your Mindset Mastery.


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