Break FREE!

Updated: Oct 14

Woman's arms in the air holding the broken chain that was holding her back

Say Goodbye to Your New Year's Resolutions! Chances are, you're one of the many people who made a New Year's resolution this year and have already broken it. It's not your fault! The truth is, resolutions are outdated and tired excuses to begin doing what you need to be doing all year long but have yet to be successful at!

If you're sick of making resolutions that you never stick to, then this blog post is for you. Keep reading to learn why resolutions are outdated and how you can set yourself up for success all year long!

The Problem with Resolutions

The problem with resolutions is that they are usually based on negative thinking. For example, a common resolution is to "lose weight." But what does that really mean? What are you trying to lose? Chances are, it's not just weight that you want to lose. You want to lose the extra belly fat that makes you feel self-conscious in your swimsuit. You want to lose the thigh cellulite that keeps you from wearing shorts or skirts. You want to lose the love handles that make your clothes fit snugly and uncomfortable.

Instead of thinking about all the things you want to lose, why not focus on what you want to gain? Instead of resolving to lose weight, resolve to gain health! When you focus on gaining something, it changes the whole trajectory of your thinking and sets you up for success.

How to Set Yourself Up for Success All Year Long

1. Set realistic goals

If your goal is to gain health, what does that look like? Maybe it means eating healthier foods and exercising more often. Maybe it means drinking more water and getting enough sleep each night. Or eliminating the alcohol that is wreaking havoc in your life! Whatever it looks like for you, make sure your goals are realistic and achievable.

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2. Find a support system

It is just not possible to do what needs to be done on your own and know that you are not alone at the same time! Find a group of friends, family members, or even an online community who will support you in your journey and hold you accountable when needed. That’s why I’m hosting a virtual event in October, November and December, ‘Make this The Last Year You Will Need A Resolution!’

3. Take baby steps

Change can be hard, so don't expect yourself to go from zero to hero overnight! Start small and work your way up. If your goal is to eat healthier foods, start by adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet. If your goal is to exercise more often, start by going for a walk around the block once a day. Remember, slow and steady wins the race!

4. Be patient with yourself

Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will your new healthy lifestyle! Give yourself time to adjust and don’t beat yourself up if you have a setback here or there. Just pick yourself up and start again where you left off—you got this!

5. Reward yourself along the way

Don't wait until you reach your goal before treating yourself! Celebrate each small victory along the way with a healthy reward that will motivate you to keep going strong. Whatever it is, make sure it's something that YOU want—you deserve it!