Barriers & Distractions we face and How to Overcome Them

Updated: Aug 19

There are countless barriers and distractions that can stand in the way of our recovery and wellness. From cravings to negative thoughts, there are many things that can challenge us on our road to recovery. However, by recognizing these challenges and developing strategies to overcome them, we can greatly improve our chances of success.

We will explore some common barriers and distractions we are faced with, as well as a few strategies for overcoming them. Let's get started!

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Examples of Distractions we may face day to day

We can easily get caught up in the daily distractions that take place in our lives. Let's work on recognizing some so we can learn to work through them.

Look at the list of examples below to help you call them out:

1. Emotional Distractions

  • Checking social media constantly

  • Watching too much TV or browsing the internet aimlessly

  • Staying caught up in negative conversations or thoughts

2. Physical Distractions

  • Eating unhealthy foods or drinking excessive amounts of alcohol

  • Engaging in risky behaviors like driving recklessly

3. Mental Distractions

  • Procrastinating on important tasks instead of focusing on them

  • Ruminating about past failures or worrying excessively about the future

Examples of the Barriers we may face

Barriers that come up in our lives can feel a bit heavier than just the daily distractions. It can seem more difficult to pull ourselves out of the rut we fall into when these roadblocks come up. Calling them out, helps us regain the power of them.

Use these examples below to help you recognize them:

1. Emotional Barriers

  • Having unrealistic expectations for ourselves

  • Constantly comparing ourselves to others

  • Not forgiving ourselves for our past mistakes

2. Physical Barriers

  • Environmental factors such as noise, light, or temperature

  • Illness or injury that limits mobility or activity level

3. Mental Barriers

  • Negative self-talk about self-doubt

  • "What if" syndrome - the fear of failure that stops us from trying new things

  • Lack of focus and concentration due to distractions

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Strategies to help overcome barriers and distractions:

  • Identify the barriers and distractions that are impacting your productivity

  • Understand why these barriers and distractions exist in the first place

  • Create a cost/benefit of what is standing in your way

  • Take steps to remove or minimize the impact of these barriers and distractions

Many reading this may be thinking, 'What possible benefit can I find from a distraction or barrier in reaching my goals?'. Believe it or not, we can find benefit in them. It is helpful in breaking them down!

For example, when we are not feeling well, are sick, or are feeling extreme fatigue, it can be difficult to focus and clear the dreaded ‘brain fog’. We can choose to find the benefit in this that forces us and allows us to slow down a bit. Be more present in ourselves, and allow for a moment to think through what we need to accomplish in the day. Prioritize! Create a list or use a planner to organize your day so it doesn’t feel so overwhelming.

The road to wellness is a long and winding one.

There are many obstacles that can stand in our way, from cravings for junk food or drugs to negative thoughts about ourselves--anything could hold us back if we let it!

The best thing you can do when faced with these challenges on your path towards recovery? Keep going, because no matter what happens next, it will be worth every step forward that you've taken along this journey.

A person’s recovery doesn't happen overnight – it's a process that requires caring individuals who want them well enough both mentally and physically so they have an opportunity to not just survive but thrive.

It’s time to take a step back, assess your current situation, and determine what is holding you back. Once you know the barriers and distractions that are impacting your success, it’s time to start overcoming them. Use the tips in this article as a guide, but don’t hesitate to get creative and find what works best for you. Remember, it takes time and effort to overcome any obstacle, but it is worth it in the end. What works for one person may not work for another. If you find yourself struggling with a particular barrier or distraction, reach out. Turning Leaves is here to help!

What strategies will you put into place today to overcome the barriers and distractions in your life?


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