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What Life Balance Is All About

Updated: Jul 27

You Think You Know... BUT... Maybe We Should Look A Bit Deeper


I talk to many people. In these conversations, the topic of life balance comes up regularly.

Most of the time, well, in the beginning, anyway, the dialog sounds like there is a general understanding of what it is and what is needed or missing.

Where the conversation usually lands, however, is somewhere that was never considered.

I promise I am not trying to speak in riddles. But I do want to grab your attention well enough for you to be intrigued by what you may learn about a topic you think you already have a complete understanding of.

So, the first order of business here is for you to answer these questions based on your current perception;

  • Do I know what life balance is?

  • If so, how do I define it?

  • Do I have it?

I am curious... Does your concept include topics such as;

  • personal esteem needs,

  • exploring your legacy,

  • leaning into life transitions,

  • refreshing your perceptions,

  • defining quality relationships,

  • proper mental and physical exercise,

  • understanding your personal nutrition needs, and

  • constructing effective activities of daily living?

If so, that is so awesome.

If not, you want to ask yourself why not.

Surely, these topics are not a complete picture of what it takes to develop a life that is filled with all our needs as emotional beings. But it sure is a great starting point.

Of course, I could be writing about how well you maneuver between your career or work and your home life, but how limiting would that be?

Think about it! What about the person that is a stay-at-home parent or the one that works from home? Then there are those of you that work and are single, still in school, back in school, retired, and so on.

Honestly, there are so many variables of different lifestyle choices that simply focusing on work and home life would make the topic of recovering or creating life balance quite superficial.

We must dive in and look at what works and how to be effective in at least eight primary life categories. And then there needs to be an interest in attending to any sub-aspects that make that particular area of life truly complete.

Here’s the deal.

Suppose you feel overwhelmed, frazzled, overworked, out of time, unorganized, anxious or depressed, unfulfilled, bored, lonely, or just plain stuck. In that case, you need to take a hard look at how you are attending to all areas that make up a satisfying and balanced lifestyle.

Most people that come to see me for their Mental Health Coaching, Life Coaching, or Recovery Coaching needs are apprehensive about a lot of this. This is because they think the only way, they will correct the issues they are experiencing is to change jobs, leave a relationship, stop doing something they love, start doing things they are afraid of, and so on.

What they don’t realize is that engaging with an effective life recovery coach or online life coach will guide them to building the balanced lifestyle they desire and deserve; it will not dictate the coach’s agenda or vision of what a balanced life is. In fact, all my clients who engage in any one of my coaching

graphic with a woman walking on the beach towards the shoreline with arms up.

programs define each area as they envision them, they call out what is most important. Together, we uncover what is missing, FOR YOU, how to incorporate or remove things, and how to design the daily feel they are longing for.

The fear of change is really just the fear of learning something new.

A consultation is risk-free! Let’s talk!

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