Are You Standing in Your Own Way?

Updated: Nov 7

Written by: Anu Morgan TLR Coaching Affiliate

Are you not finding the relationship you desire because perhaps you are actually what is standing in your way?

We can jump from one dating experience to another or one failed relationship to another and see all the inadequacies in others and sometimes fail to see what lies within us that may be playing a role in these unsuccessful relationships.

We can have fears and triggers or subconsciously sabotage our efforts to find love. These can be rooted in our childhood or past relationships, but we will remain unaware of what is at play unless we take the time to feel and delve into our emotions.

It takes time and strength to face what you may uncover, but it's worth it for the gains you can get from your discovery.

As a life coaching professional, I will help you uncover exactly this;

what shaped past outcomes, as well as 'Why' and 'How' they can be altered for a different result in the future. It is an empowering feeling to know you have more control over how things play out by making shifts in your mindset and/or actions.

Has intimacy, vulnerability, fear, abandonment, rejection, losing control, losing independence, gaining approval, fighting for love, etc., played any role as a barrier to you finding love? It may be worth uncovering where these emotions stem from. These answers, along with the more information you have, only work in your favor in helping you move forward to get what you want!

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