Are you afraid to go back to what we thought was normal?

Updated: Jun 7

Do you feel in control? Are you afraid to go back to what we thought was normal?

How can you get to a place where you believe that you have the autonomy to choose how you feel in your life?

I get it, it might not be so easy, but look – I changed my business model in the first 3 weeks of this pandemic– It’s running amazing – everyone is enjoying it – and then – it got easy – as most effectively thought out systems do.

So, as soon as I felt there was too much mundane time – I got to work again – and here we are…. We are talking about it – I didn’t sit idle and wait for the world to shift first – I am taking control because feeling invigorated by living is important to me – that’s what I am doing – living life on fire my way with respect for the current barriers and worldwide battle.

On a fresh piece of paper, I want you to brainstorm what you can do – things in your control – that will light your life on fire – or at least invigorate you.

Your life partner also will want those similar feelings of control – make sure to be taking time to notice.. inquire.. and always validate them.

If you have kids at home, try letting them make some decisions about the structure of their days too – of course when appropriate.

Parents, adult children, business colleagues, employees, social circles… honestly all of our connections are in the same boat. Ask yourself how you can lead by a good example…. How can you contribute to their feelings of autonomy and control in their lives?

We don’t just want to be dictating to each other in this space.

We all will benefit from realizing that we can take an active role in this time and maintain emotional health.

Watch your locus of control… you will have a hard time feeling in control if you are operating in an external stance. This is where we allow ourselves to slip into the stance of a pessimist - frustration, negativity, irritability, anxiety, depressive states, I think you get the hint…. But it’s really like saying I am going to let things out of my control and other people's thoughts, feelings, emotions, opinions, and even actions, put my attitude in a less desirable and reactive place.

When you are in the internal – you are the optimist - you can face any level of adversity because you know that it is completely up to you how you respond.

· You own your stance.

· You value your peace.

· And you honor your autonomy to make your life, each day, and every minute reflective of the person you are – or at least are working on becoming.

Control has the need for integrity. If you aren’t cautious it can be taken too far. So, get into your intuitive mindset. The mindset where your emotional mind and your rational logical mind come together to create something much much greater!!!!

Competence is up next – Join Life Unfolding! I suggest giving some time and consideration to what we have discussed today –– do some personal observation and by all means, have a willingness to embrace change - It will take you far! Reach out if I can help – never struggle alone!

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