We completely understand that some people struggle with organic mood disorders such as anxiety and depression and we are very aware that it is common for people to struggle when they can’t find joy in their life, even when nothing is wrong. 


We also understand that, often, people in recovery experience difficulty adjusting to low enthusiasm or heightened agitation. Situations that can all lead to deeply rooted challenges in relationships, or an inability to move past a personal crossroad.


It has also become very apparent to us that some people are just struggling with maintaining stability with a mental health provider. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for providers to switch to new programs, places of business, or to simply move their practice out of the area or to a different state altogether.


Turning Leaves® is not a therapeutic facility, nor do we carry psychiatric degrees. But we do have a caring collaborative partner, an understanding and compassionate therapist, that provides the level of support our client's needs on these deep clinical aspects. 


“My work is dedicated to helping develop healthy, productive, and satisfying lives and relationships. I'm here to help you magnify your strengths and find the clarity to overcome life's obstacles.”


Please submit an inquiry form below if you are interested in learning more about how our mental health, clinical provider can support you. 

(telecommunication therapeutic services are available throughout California)

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