We don’t just change your habits. We offer useful life skills and tactics to move out of the problematic. We transform lives into lives of production and inspiration! Get to know us!

All Turning Leaves® Affiliate Advocates, Affiliate Coaches, and Affiliate JV Partners are independent business professionals. They are not employed by Turning Leaves®; however, they all have been trained by me, Tricia Parido and have illustrated a desire and ability to walk in the light of our Turning Leaves® Mission, Vision, and Core Values.

Our Affiliate Coaches have walked even deeper into their passion to be of service and help improve lives by engaging in an Accredited National Certification process for Recovery Coaching and Ethical Practices of our profession.

Affiliate JV Partners have created the spaces they offer here on the Turning Leaves® platform with me directly to ensure they are in line with the purposeful focus we work hard to maintain

And our very special Affiliate Advocates are here to give guidance and support while you are exploring if this is the right space for you. Each of these fearless beings has walked with me for a minimum of one year and feels called to share their specific experiences.




Hey, Partner! At least that’s what I hope I’ll get to call you soon! I'm Tricia, a Recovery Lifestyle Enthusiast, Mindset Changer, Effective Life-Skill Strategist, and Fierce Optimist dedicated to helping you transcend into the you YOU want to see! 

As a Master Addictions Specialist with a BS in Psychology who has walked every corner of recovery, I have cultivated an extremely effective recovery lifestyle process and a community of motivated, aspiring people. 

I want you to know that as a wife, mother, grandmother, and entrepreneur, I eat, sleep, and breathe every piece of every practice each course offers. 

There’s a little bit about my story I want to share with you! Here’s the truth, EVERY DAY you can find me deep into the work myself! The longer I have been sober the more I realize just how long my recovery journey has been. The longer I have been working toward cultivating my true belief about my journey, the more I realize just how many layers and textures and depths I have moved through! I can say I've been sober since the start of 2013 and after a 30-year relationship with alcohol I can say my journey has been filled with enormous accomplishments. BUT if I focus only on this period of time, I am not honoring my full and true recovery journey which began in 1995.

We are creating emotional intelligence through the power of an inner drive and embracing the impact of living free!
Not all addictions look the same! Let's look at your not-so-normal version!
You can recover from ANY habit holding you hostage!


So, let’s collaborate! Feel free to text me directly or send a meeting request!


PHONE: (805) 710-2513




Greetings. My name is Trevor and as a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach who has been on my own journey of recovery, with a focus on mental health recovery, I am here to help you transform into the you that you want to be. 
Once I discovered and acknowledged the areas in my life that I wanted to transform, I dove into the work to explore myself and the reasons for the ways that I lived my life that was affecting my relationships and my overall life. I view myself as a phoenix who rose from the ashes from burning away unhealthy coping mechanisms and as I have been helped on my recovery journey, I would like to help you become the beautiful phoenix on your own, unique, and beautiful recovery journey.
I hope to walk with you on your personal discovery journey so that together we can find your best way to move forward into a journey of recovery


(661) 313-1002

Clare Healy Headshot.png



Hello, my name is Clare Healy.

I am passionate about helping people achieve a positive balance and sense of well-being in their lives and encouraging them to (re)discover their strengths and achieve life goals and satisfaction through them.

I enjoy reading, going on hikes, and playing the piano in my spare time. I love traveling and exploring new countries and cultures and have lived in Scotland, Ireland, and Italy for the past 4.5 years. 

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling, and a Masters in Applied Psychology in Coaching and Positive Psychology.

My professional focus is on aiding those who are recovering from negative attachments, as well as people who have ADHD and are struggling with self-medication and addictions to prescribed medication for ADHD.



Latonya Jones Headshot.png



Hey! I’m Latonya Jones. I am a Nationally Certified Recovery Life Coach, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, writer, and a single mother with a twenty-five-year-old son who lives with autism. I believe in lifelong learning as an effective avenue for becoming a better person.

I know how it feels to have depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, low self-worth, and low self-value. I understand the pain that comes with not feeling good enough, or worthy of being loved, liked, accepted, wanted, valued, and needed. I have been that people pleaser putting other people's wants and needs before my own. I too used to bend over backward to make everyone else happy. Never considering myself or asking for what I gave in return.

My life has not been easy, I have had my share of ups and downs but I possess the gift of determination and the right amount of tenacity to always return to myself, my purpose, and honor my needs mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and psychologically.  

I look forward to walking this life recovery journey with you.






As a Mental Health Professional and a Nationally Certified Recovery Coach who has walked the Turning Leaves Recovery lifestyle for over 4 years, I aim to help those who want to build a better life for themselves yet are facing the hard challenges of substance abuse, codependency, and daily setbacks.

Let’s Find Your Reset!

I am honored to share my journey with you and am passionate help you feel confident in taking that next step towards creating a reset for the lifestyle you desire. Please reach out to me anytime and know, you are not alone.


(805) 270-0390

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Hello! I’m Julie-Anne, an affiliate coach of Turning Leaves® Recovery with a B.A. in Psychology and National Recovery Coach Certification Level I, currently working towards Level II. 

I truly believe that change is always possible and this belief drives my passion for helping others. In this work, my goal is to spread a message of strength and hope to others. I consider myself to be non-judgmental and very intuitive, which allows me to provide my client's space to share and explore what works for them as an individual and provide new insights! I believe that personal growth is a lifelong journey that is not always linear, but one step at a time, we can change our lives for the better.

You can always reach out to me here:



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Hey, I’m Jennifer Diani! As a busy mother of a toddler and a teenager, small business owner, competitive sports mom, and wife, life is busy, to say the least. Finding balance and learning to live for me first has been pivotal and Turning Leaves® unique approach has taught me the tools to make it manageable and maintainable. Feel free to reach out. I'm happy to share and answer your questions.





Psychology has been a part of my life indirectly for many years, from something as insignificant as people watching at the mall to an impromptu counseling session for a friend dealing with emotional distress. I have had a real desire to work with people for a long time and have always been fascinated with human behavior and understanding how the mind works together with external situations, to empower individuals to live fully through personal development. 

It is this fascination that has made psychology such a desirable subject for me.

Now, I am Psychology Graduate with experience in behavioral analysis and research in corporate organizational strategies. Currently, I’m working to pursue my education and experience in Psychology and Business. I can’t wait to work with you!

If you need any assistance you can reach out to me here:





There was a time in my life where I never thought that recovery was possible. Thanks to this program I have found my true self and have been sober now for over a year. The way this program is put together is so unique in so many ways. From learning about who you are to what you want your life to become and look like with yourself and others. If you are having any doubts about yourself and recovery this is where you should start. It changed my life and helped me have the strength to become the person I knew had inside of me!

I’m always your advocate! If you need to reach out to me, you can always reach me here:

(808) 669-3749




My name is Naomi and I am a Licensed Acupuncturist and a Birth Doula! I am so blessed to have chosen this path of assisting people in their healing journeys as well as their birth journeys. I have been practicing bodywork for 27 years and licensed for 14! My personal healing path has taken me down many roads and gratefully, I  have come across the path of Tricia and the work she does with recovery. The recovery of my true self and inner strength is my focus. I want to continue to grow personally as well as assist others in their healing process. I feel extremely passionate about this work and love to share my journey with others. 





My passion lies with the Vitality in others. My life's work is fulfilled through helping people who are frustrated with only treating the symptom and have a desire to uncover the root cause. As a consultant and concierge pharmacist, I serve as an advocate for individuals' health and medicinal needs with over 52,000 clinical hours of healthcare experience combining eastern and western medicine.

Honestly, I find that my work is a perfect match to the mission, vision, and core values of TLR because I too look at the whole picture of health; physical, mental, and spiritual while walking alongside you on your health journey. My primary focus is on making a difference in your life by discovering the root of the problem and addressing the solution. I pour my 26 years of pharmaceutical training and knowledge of medications, supplements, nutrition, physical, and mental health to guide individuals on their health journey.

Please click below to join a my complimentary information course where you will also find the opportunity to engage in a conversation or schedule time with me.


Tricia has a great group of people at Turning Leaves that can help people live more productive lives.


~Robert Apple