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Hi, I'm Katherine Polychron

Hi! I’m Coach Katherine. I am a certified Recovery and Life Coach, and am also certified in the areas of Food Addiction, Nutritional Recovery, Recovery Fitness, Harm Reduction, Relapse Prevention, and Family Recovery. I have an innate passion for helping others learn to feel the sun shine again, and experience the joys this life has to offer.


I battled decades of life threatening eating disorders, as well as alcohol dependency that once stopped my heart. I understand what it feels like to feel agonizingly stuck in a dark abyss, as if there is no way out. I have been given a second chance at life, and with this opportunity, it is my great fortune to step into a role of helping others who are struggling learn to find hope, peace, wholeness, happiness, and healing. I am proof that with coaching, hard work, and a desire to change, your dream is possible!


There is a beautiful world out there, waiting for your smile- it is my great honor to help you find it.

Addictions, Negative Attachments, and the Habits that hold us hostage are all seated in a pressure to perform and a reliance on something outside of ourselves to bring us peace, joy, comfort, relief, value, validity, and worthiness.

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At TLR we equip people seeking life recovery with the right life skills and help them set the right aspirations, so they can live life and live it freely in one amazing personal journey!

Foundational Work

There are many ways to engage in Life Recovery and Transformation.

Here is a peak at our longest running highly effective processes.

However there are many options behind the scenes our subscribers benefit from every day and can certainly be explored during your consultation.

Learn to Live Free with Coach Katherine

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Discover your Right Fit Consultation

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The Power Hour with Coach Katherine

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You Can Evolve with
Coach Katherine 


Turning a New Leaf with Coach Katherine

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Whole Health Survey with Coach Katherine

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Balance Effect Bundle with Coach Katherine

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Life Intervention with
Coach Katherine

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See What My Clients Have To Say...

"Katherine is the most genuinely sincere person I have met. She honestly cares for the wellbeing of others and guides her clients with a gentle hand toward the healing they desire. Her focus attention and knowledge surpasses what I expected. I am happy to have her in my corner."


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