As a business owner, a woman who holds familial needs in high regard, and has deep intellectual needs I certainly understand how difficult it can be to maintain a lifestyle that truly feels balanced, rewarding, and complete.

I have to monitor the activities on my calendar. I have to juggle between others needs and my professional responsibilities. I have to attend to employee and service providers relationships. And somewhere in there, I have to make my personal needs a priority.

I won’t say that it is easy. But getting off the auto-pilot raceway that sounds like “I don’t have time”, “I’m super stressed out”, “I have too much to do”…. is absolutely attainable! And guess what… your family members, employees and service providers can do it too!

The Turning Leaves system takes you through 6 categories that generate whole health and guides you on a life balance journey that covers 8 very specific and important life classifications to truly create the life you envision for yourself and those that you care about. 


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