Building Milestones® Learn to Live Free system.

A life engaging process to end your frustrating cycles now and live the way you imagine.

We will work together to release you from your negative attachments and people pleasing actions. Together we will discover what drives you to believe that you are defined by what you do and for who. As a team we will put an end to whatever is keeping you stuck; running on autopilot, what if’s anxiety, resistance to letting go, honestly, anything that has you stuck in spiraling mental loops and a controlled by others lifestyle.

The Live for Yourself course is your access to a completely digital life coaching experience with our signature life skill building curriculum. You will have direct access to your online certified life coach. Each online life coaching module has been designed to provide comfort in learning, space for observation, and secure logging of your progress.

The Live for Yourself course is a 9-module online course to guide you step-by-step to create a future free from negative attachments, codependency’s, and external controls.

You will receive a full 6 months of support within a community of likeminded individual, live support weekly from Tricia Parido and constant support in a secure members only private Facebook Group

In a nutshell we are going to do all of the following and so much more.

In module one it’s all about getting to know you. I am going to show you how to break it all down, learn what you feel, hear, say and believe all while obtaining an understanding about where you operate from.

Module two naturally flows right into your lifestyle and how well you are functioning within it. We will go on a life balance journey you don’t expect, and, teach you how to become centered and grounded in any moment! Which of course is the best precursor to module three when we truly get to work ending the knee jerk impulsive actions, abandoning reactivity by inserting the art of pause and the ability to formulate responses that match how you desire to experience your life.

Now this is only the warm up, there are 6 very important modules to follow that will have you communicating from a genuine place within, incorporating a boundary system like you’ve never considered, living with limits and limitation that you welcome and honor, all while being effective and doing what works mindfully and willingly.

Beyond that you will be conditioning your ability to control your moments, face distress, lean into your emotions, self-sooth, reduce your vulnerability and shine in the light you wish to see yourself in.

This completely unique life skills system is perfect for people with busy schedules, protective of their privacy and self-driven. Contact me directly to learn more about the amazing benefits of working with an online life coach.


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