I want you to SHIFT YOUR THINKING! When you don’t have control over what you prefer, choose to shift your thinking toward what you CAN control.

More than anything I want YOU to know, think, and feel from inside yourself that you CAN do, be, and experience your everyday life in any way you desire especially in times like these!

So, in response to our current universal circumstance, I sat down and completely rearranged my own action plan to allow for an early release of


TWO BRAND NEW Membership Programs!

  1. Turning Leaves® Learn to Live Free System now has cost effective Course Membership Programs for both Learn to Live Free and Live for Yourself First! Depending on your personal situation either program will be sure to give you tools and strategies that will change your life so you can LIVE FREE and experience the life you desire!

  2. Because Everyone is different and Not everyone learns and grows in the same way we have cost effective Life Coaching memberships and services that don’t require curriculum or course work!


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