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Hi, I'm Clare Healy

Hello, my name is Clare Healy.

I am passionate about helping people achieve a positive balance and sense of well-being in their lives and encouraging them to (re)discover their strengths and achieve life goals and satisfaction through them.

I enjoy reading, going on hikes, and playing the piano in my spare time. I love traveling and exploring new countries and cultures and have lived in Scotland, Ireland, and Italy for the past 4.5 years. 

I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, a Postgraduate Certificate in Counselling, and a Masters in Applied Psychology in Coaching and Positive Psychology.

My professional focus is on aiding those who are recovering from negative attachments, as well as people who have ADHD and are struggling with self-medication and addictions to prescribed medication for ADHD.

Addictions, Negative Attachments, and the Habits that hold us hostage are all seated in a pressure to perform and a reliance on something outside of ourselves to bring us peace, joy, comfort, relief, value, validity, and worthiness.

At TLR we equip people seeking life recovery with the right life skills and help them set the right aspirations, so they can live life and live it freely in one amazing personal journey!

Foundational Work

There are many ways to engage in Life Recovery and Transformation.

Here is a peak at our longest running highly effective processes.

However there are many options behind the scenes our subscribers benefit from every day and can certainly be explored during your consultation.

Learn to Live Free Bundle with Coach Clare

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Discover your Right Fit Consultation

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The Power Hour with Coach Clare

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Life Intervention with Coach Clare

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Turning a New Leaf with Coach Clare

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Whole Health Survey with Coach Clare

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Balance Effect Bundle with Coach Clare

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See What My Clients Have To Say...

I just wanted to thank you for taking me on this amazing journey of self-discovery. I was hesitant because of my anxiety but you walked with me every step so I never felt alone or overwhelmed. I am so appreciative of the new ability I have to experience living with peace and trust in myself.