Just as the turning of leaves indicate a change in seasons,

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Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life and Wellness is a Nationally Certified Life Coaching Practice. Our personalized, high-quality care services will guide you toward an empowered and improved quality of life and wellness as you maneuver the journey to wellness. Our team of talented professionals collectively has well over 15 years of professional experience that is equipped with strategies and skills that increase client recovery. As a local practice, based in San Luis Obispo County, we are also pleased to offer services worldwide, thanks to our certifications and online programs.


The creation of our person-centered and goal-driven coaching practice was developed with great passion and dedication! We work avidly to continuously provide comprehensive programs that prove to be successful. We offer evidence-based practices such as mindfulness-based, insight learning, insightful problem solving, and effective action planning.


Our recovery, life, and wellness coaching services are provided with a personable all hands-on approach as we believe in working directly with you as you experience recovery, maintain sobriety, find life balance, lessen anxiety and depression, develop impulse control and distress tolerance so that you may ultimately become empowered, improve your quality of life, and achieve your personal goals!


A positive, friendly, and relaxed atmosphere are what we create to ensure we provide our clients with the best comprehensive services. Our team collaborates with our clients to ensure we educate to achieve the best emotional state possible. We believe that our place is to work alongside you to achieve the very best life you could ever live.

We look forward to serving you!


Nationally Certified Life Coach and Master Addictions specialist Tricia Parido is on the front lines of making life better for those who so desire. She currently serves as Founder/Director of Turning Leaves® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching, a nationally certified coaching practice whose mission is to provide personalized, high-quality care that will guide individuals toward an empowered and improved quality of life and wellness. As such, Parido plays an integral role in the life of her clients as a Life Coach, Master Addictions Coach, Addiction Treatment Counselor, Intervention Professional and Professional Case Manager. Her practice is built upon her personal attributes of passion, compassion, advocacy, objectivity and honesty. Specializing in life transitions and post treatment, Parido is ever-committed to assuring that those whom she is entrusted with are motivated and empowered to conquer their life challenges and addictions. She is especially attuned to those who have encountered struggles with behavioral and process addictions. After having successfully embraced recovery achievements of her own, Parido has tactfully combined her empathy and passion for social change with her admirable experience and credentials. This combination has equipped her to provide quality service in a manner that motivates individuals to achieve their full potential, return to a level of functioning that will provide them with great self-worth, and conquer the stigma and shame that generally arise when individuals seek recovery support. 

More specifically, Parido’s primary service is coaching to women, particularly those who seemingly have it all together yet have inner struggles that are rarely ever seen or addressed. This includes high functioning mothers with attachment disorders; those who no longer know who they are outside of their assigned titles. This also includes the woman who secretly keeps single serve wine bottles in her gym bag, or the one who goes out to pick up the three items her children need for school but ends up purchasing 10 unneeded items. This profile further includes the woman who has to hide the empty box from the bakery because the brownies didn’t make it to the kitchen. Consequently, this same woman ends up feeling baffled about why, as an empty nester, she is lonely and clueless about what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

Parido’s sincere concern for women as well as other psychological matters were instrumental in her launching Turning Leaves’® Building Milestones® program, an innovative initiative that combines tested and tried effective methodologies and evidence-based practices for the healing of co-occurring disorders and translates them into a unique, successful quality of life coaching system. This international program entails national certifications for recovery coaching, life coaching, family systems of addiction recovery, crisis intervention, professional case management, food addiction coaching, fitness, nutrition, and relapse prevention.

Parido earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Walden University where she further researched coaching as an effective psychological practice. This educational experience provided her with a strong focus on behavioral, social, and cross-cultural psychology as well as in-depth studies on addiction, personalities, psychological disorders, interdisciplinary perspectives of healthcare, treatment modalities, personal health, and wellness. While at Walden, she was a member of the Dean’s List, National Society of Leadership and Success, Phi Theta Kappa and Psy Chi.



Certified Life Coach and Master Addictions Specialist

Founder/Director, Turning Leaves ® Recovery, Life, and Wellness Coaching


“We generate fears while we sit. We overcome them by action.” This powerful thought by noted psychologist Dr. Henry Link is fuel for fire in the life of Bethany Hahlbeck, recovery and addictions specialist, as she works zealously to help others overcome and live their absolute best life. Realizing the real possibility of recovery, Bethany, who is celebrating more than three years’ complete sobriety from on and off long-term addiction, is fulfilling her passion of working with families who are facing difficulties with co-occurring disorders, the addiction battle and the journey to recovery. Her primary aim is to prevent the occurrence of relapse. She understands that sometimes those desiring change face the biggest obstacle of fear, and that such fear must be overcome if progress is ever to be realized. This is the understanding that propelled her to get certified in her profession.


Bethany fortified her desire to be the best by matriculating at The Addictions Academy. As such, she is an International Master Addictions Coach (IMAC), Nationally Certified Recovery Coach (NCRC), Nationally Certified Family Recovery Coach (NCFRC), Nationally Certified Life Coach (NCLC) and Nationally Certified Relapse Prevention Specialist (NCRPS). She also attended Allan Hancock College where she studied Addiction Counseling and Co-Occurring Disorders. To better meet the needs of her clients and the community, she consistently attends trainings and takes continuing education courses.


One of Bethany’s greatest attributes is her ability to empathize with those whom she serves. She states, “Over 40 years of conditioned maladaptive behavior is not fixed in 30, 60 or 90 days of treatment. It takes time, patience, and professionals who truly understand the plight of those whom they are serving.” She adds, “I have the experience of living in the hell of addiction, which included dealing with body image as well as an on and off eating disorder in my teens and early adulthood. I experienced a sense of not fitting in and low self-worth/esteem. At the time, I didn’t have the ability to advocate for myself. Now, I have a passion for life today that was never present in my past. It may have seemed like a detriment at the time, but it was really laying the foundation for the passion I now have to help free others.”

Born in San Luis Obispo, California, Bethany currently resides in Arroyo Grande. She is a divorced mother of two adult children who worked briefly as a pre-school teacher. Shortly thereafter, she decided to be a stay at home mom to raise her children and notes, “This is something that was very important for me to give them.”


In her spare time, Bethany enjoys being physically active, which includes activities such as hiking and paddle boarding. She is inspired by families playing, laughter, her own family and coaching.

She enjoys bargain hunting for all things related to the home, and she also shares her time, talents and treasures through community involvement with Nipomo High School and various nonprofit initiatives.

Bethany Hahlbeck



I am Donnelle and I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology. In both my professional and personal life, I value authenticity and honesty. I believe in providing the highest level of care to my clients by continuing to grow and develop my practice. I aim to help those who want to build a better life for themselves yet are facing the hard challenges of substance abuse, codependency, and daily setbacks. I have first-hand personal experience coping with these very issues. I want to be a help and support to share what I have discovered as to successful strategies that have paved the way forward in building a better life for myself. I value creativity and adventure and believe in connecting with nature as a source of healing. By encouraging and supporting clients, I help them find a connection that works for their lives where they can find peace, enrichment, esteem building, and grace. 

Donnelle Adrian

Professional Recovery Coach


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